Browserboard Update: Interview Dashboard

This week, I invested time in supporting the workflows of people who coordinate remote interviews. These people need to make a lot of whiteboards, but don't need to actually visit them; they just need to copy share links into emails and calendar invitations. So I created the Interview Dashboard:

Good whiteboards are sorely needed in the tech interviewing world. The need is so sore that many companies charge many dollars for so-so products. This new feature of Browserboard is free (for now) and I hope it will make some people's lives easier.

API enhancements

I'm focusing more on the API as people contact me about using it. This weekend, I added the ability to export an image out of an iframe-embedded board, and laid the groundwork to let API users customize the colors. I also stopped showing the “enter your name” modal for iframe-embedded boards.

Other improvements

I improved the behavior of the Text and Sticky tools. The Text tool will no longer keep spawning more text boxes as you click; instead, it'll switch you to the Select tool so you can edit. The width handle on text boxes is easier to grab, and sticky note colors can be changed using the Select tool.