Before teaching Film Studies to students at high school level I used to run my own business – a sandwich shop. We’d open for morning breakfasts and continue through to the mid-afternoon selling lunches.

Joining Coil allows me to share with you some of our more popular sandwiches starting with the Salami Heatwave, served warm / hot on a French baguette. Unfortunately, due to lockdown some of the ingredients were harder to come by than anticipated – the French baguette of all things! As a result, I have substituted it with a ciabatta square. Ideally a long ciabatta would have been better, but they too were short supply.

Anyway, I do hope you try this out and if you do, please give me a shout on Twitter to let me know what you think.





Salsa mix (red onion; sweetcorn; cherry or plum tomatoes; fresh chili; red bell pepper; lime; parsley)

Cheddar (optional, but works better with it – I suppose all of the ingredients are interchangeable dependent on your taste-buds!)


Pre-heat oven (high).

Layer the salami onto one side of the ciabatta.

Add your jalapenos to the amount dependent on how spicy you like your food.

Add a *generous helping* of the salsa mix
(dice the red onion and quarter your plum tomatoes; chop the parsley and slice the chili; dice the red bell pepper and squeeze the juice of a lime (bottled lime juice is fine) into a dish. Mix all the salsa ingredients into a bowl – don't forget to add the sweetcorn).

Full disclosure: they didn't have any fresh limes when I shopped for the ingredients so I had to use lemons for the photograph, of which I touched up on Photoshop to make it look more like the correct citrus – in colour at least!

Grate enough cheddar to roughly cover the naked side of the ciabatta bread and *add a touch on the side with the filling.*

Place in the oven for 5 minutes or

*until the cheese has melted.*

Once out of the oven, fold over, cut in half and *take a bite!*

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All images in this post are my own.

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