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Meditation changes Jane’s life in ways she never expected starting with the meditation part! Just like many people today, Jane lived the typical American Life. She endlessly chased the dream of having the perfect husband, the perfect job, driving the perfect car, and perfect children so that she could be happy. Although she constantly fell short of her expectations, Jane pushed and prodded forward through many obstacles.

She bounced back after relationships, not stopping to think why each new man seemed so much like the last one. She put in her time at work and told herself she could relax later. She watched TV, read books, and went out with her friends as much as possible in her free time.

Years passed, and Jane wondered if her life was ever going to take off and move in the direction she so desperately wanted. Then in her mid-30s, Jane started to wonder seek answers about many things.

As much as Jane sought answers to ending her uneasiness in life, she came up short. Happiness eluded her with a string of unfulfilling relationships, a job she despised, and a home that didn’t have the warmth she so desperately wanted.

Not knowing what else to do Jane got in her car and started driving out of town. She had no idea where she was going to end up, or how she was going to get there but that was ok. In fact, anywhere except where she was, was ok with her at that point.

Driving with a worried mind caused Jane to lose her way so she pulled over to ask direction from an old house on a hill that stood in front of her. Nervous and not knowing what else to do, Jane knocked on the door hoping she would be greeted and accepted with warmth and compassion.

After a few minutes of waiting with fading hope, she heard gentle footsteps sounding as if they were coming from a winding stairway inside. An old woman opened the door. Jane stood in awe of this woman with long flowing grey hair that looked as if she wore no time. The woman emanated a feeling of calmness that reached into Jane’s sole and brought a tear to her eye. The timeless old woman just watched as Jane started to uncontrollably cry.

After Jane regained her composure, she nervously tried to explain to the woman why she was there only to be stopped mid-sentence by the woman who spoke as if she did not even move her mouth; I have been expecting you for a while now, so glad you could make it. Follow me; I have something to show you.

With that, the old woman led Jane through the house into a lush garden beaming with the life of plants Jane had never seen before. Sit Jane sat and felt herself lighten. The old woman moved with a grace and precision Jane had never experienced before. She led Jane to an empty patch in the garden and dipped her porcelain-like hand into a pocket and asks Jane to open her hand.

Awestruck, Jane opened her hand as the old woman gently gave her five seeds, and then spoke

Every plant in this garden started with a seed very similar to the ones you now hold. Each seed contains a BluePrint for a life. When you place the seeds into the ground and allow the world to fulfill its destiny to give life, the seeds will grow, and eventually, each will fulfill its own destiny.

Under no circumstances will the plant try to avoid doing what it is here to do. The plant will graciously accept whatever circumstance it sprouts roots into. The plant will not try to control its environment, and it will not attempt to become more secure. The plant will only offer love, and it will never deviate from its destiny. Its existence is pure bliss

Jane felt something inside of her shifting as she held the seeds. She realized how her life was similar to that of the seeds. She suddenly realized her struggles rooted in her wants and expectations. Just as she wondered where to go next the old woman spoke again

To find happiness you only have to let go. Do not try to chase your thoughts away; instead, allow them so they may reveal your unhappiness to you. Sit and follow each thought without allowing your mind to wander to the other thoughts that follow. This will require practice and persistence.

Follow each thought and ask yourself what that thought comes from: Does it lead to wanting to control something, wanting to be more secure, seeking acceptance, or all three? When you discover the source of thought; notice how you feel, and just let go of that feeling. You will fulfill your destiny this way your destiny of unending happiness!

Just as mysteriously as the timeless old woman appeared, she was gone. Jane found herself back in her car going home. On that day, Jane learned what it was to meditate!

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