If this was a movie

If this was a movie would you come back to me? Standing in the rain waiting for me to come out, and apologized to me for everything?

I've been in a constant state of chaos ever since you left me. I'm now a maybe, hopefully, soon, and not yet girl, who was just once a yes or no person.

Wearing your clothes, i sit on the floor. The scent is still here, i can still feel how your hands wrapped around my waist. If this was a movie, you will be here when i cry loudly like now.

I will still waiting. Waiting for you, Waiting for your name pop up on my phone, anytime.

Waiting for the chance to be with you, to spend my time with you, laugh with you, look at you for hours and do all the plans we planning before.

Even if you're no longer mine, you still have access to the happiest version of me. I gave you the best of me.

And your name, forever the name on my lips.