Book: Accomplices. Reflections from the indigenous and anti-racist struggles to end the white industry of alliances and NGOs

A book from “OnAediciones”, an independent publisher in Chiapas, MX <–> Valencia, SP

A critique of the politics of alliances

According to the policy of alliances to undermine any of the social privileges that you are benefiting from, you must renounce your role as a leading actor / actress and become an ally of the oppressed.

A good ally will learn that you will never be able to understand the implications of walking through this world as oppressed – fill in the box with the person who is at the upper limit of a specific oppression. The only way to act with integrity would be to follow the leadership of those who are oppressed. Also support their projects or objectives and always try to listen to their suggestions or listen to their suggestions when you are not sure where to follow.

This starts to get complicated very quickly. Along the way you discover that there is not a single mass of racialized people – or any other identity-based group – that we can take as our guides. And that people within a single identity will not only disagree with each other on basic and important issues, but often have interests that clash head on.

** I am happy to share this book :)

— Yadira