Insight Into Mental Illness

Order above Chaos

My Wifes 18th Anniversary

Today is May 5th 2021 and it is 6:10 p.m. It is a very bright, calm, warm day. A day that inspires optimism in form of a boost of moral and unforseen blessing. I Bought my wife her first diamond engagement ring. Only half a ct genuine diamond. It might not be luxurious, but it will still endure for many life times. I have always wanted to do right by my wife. Yet because of my lack in residency, ID, and no fathers name on my birth certificate, which caused it to be rejected in every court house from Hayward, Oakland, even Reno. I have never been able to marry her officially and make her my wife. Yet i felt it was the least I can do since I owe her my life. I gave her the ring on May 5th at 12:06 a.m. I was too excided to wait until sun up. So I felt as conventional standards for quality of living. A house should be the next step. Well Ya Weh blessed me in the form of a email from a Dairy Farm I tried out few years ago. About for or five months ago I thought I should reach out. Figured it wouldn't hurt trying. Well, I got the job today, and to top it off it comes with a house. All is well in the universe. So now I give God thanks for giving my wife and I the strength to triump over most if not all the obstacles that the UnWorthy One has set forth in our path in order to remain vigilant on the road to Righteousness in the strive for progress for all who have no ill will towards anyone. For they the ones who suffer the most in this world. So now in the Labyrinth that is my wife and I Minds, Souls, and Lives seems to be coming towards the first of chapter in the happily ever after portion of our journey in this plain of existences we perceive as life on Earth. So now I am finally gaining ground in the everyday battle in my mind. In the war of living a fully successful life.The tide has turned Chaos is fleeing the battlefield. Order is now charging forward. And how do you bring Order to a chaotic mind you ask? Only in the form of discipline. So focused discipline only threw balance equals progress. Any fine tuned mechanism must have proper balance. Equilibrium is key. Whether it is a combustion engine, turbine or the human condition. None would last without stability in the form of balance and consistency. So remember the rain falls on the just, and unjust alike. And when it rains, it pours. It's who you are, and what you decide to harness that sets you apart. So it is key. MIND over BODY, SOUL over MIND, and most importantly. HEART OVER ALL. Let me tell you why. MIND over BODY represents my illness's power over my body. SOUL over MIND represents my connection with God. And HEART over all means never forget who you are because this world will easily corrupt if are weak at heart. Yet it is impossible to make this journey called life alone. For every King needs a Queen. So remember the Queen is the strongest piece on the chess board. So as long as you surround yourself with positive intelligent people. Good things will happen. So you must always you offer your loved ones a seat next to you at the dinner table. If so, all will always fall into place. God Bless to all, and to all a good night. For today I witnessed a miracle.