This is the co-host of sorry. This is Donna Burge, the co-host for a fibro live. Today's show she is the writer and creator at fed up with fatigue, calm um. Today's topic is going to be all about CBD oil all about what is it? How does it help with fibromyalgia? Where can you buy it? How do you know how to get the good stuff as opposed to the not good so good stuff, and a lot of this information Donna is going to head up the show? I am going to post Donna's article in the links before I forget in the comments.

The link in the comments: okay, hi Donna – how are you, how are you I'm well, I am so stuffed from lunch um. So let's go ahead and just jump into this. So what would you like to cover first on them? Alright? So, let's, let's cover some basics, because I'm sure there are some people out there that who don't know what CBD oil is, and I am getting a tad bit of an echo just to let you know um so CBD oil CBD is actually short for a cannabidiol Oil and what can happen the dial is, is a it's.

A endo can't connect cannabinoid, nothing that is, that comes from the cannabis plant, and so most people are probably familiar with THC, which is the active ingredient in the cannabis plant that cause use, causes you to feel high. Well. Cbd is also an endocannabinoid, but it actually has the exact opposite effect. It it kind of mitigates the effect of THC and makes makes it so that you don't get so so high.

So what has happened over the last few years is that there is this huge trend for CBD, hemp, oil, I shouldn't say: hemp, oil, actually just CBD oil and because there's there's some anecdotal evidence that CBD may help with pain relief, and so people have just kind Of been gravitating towards that, particularly those who they may feel uncomfortable with using regular cannabis that has THC, maybe they don't don't want the high or whatever.

As far as research is concerned. At this point, we we don't really have a lot of research because of the federal government and the restrictions they put on researching cannabis. There just haven't really been that many studies looking at at CVD on its own looking at CBD for fibromyalgia. All of that is is kind of unchartered territory. At this point, what we do have is we have a lot of people with fibromyalgia who are saying that they are feeling benefits from using CBD oil.

One of the things I wanted to say is that you know I look at CVD is just like every other kind of treatment for fibromyalgia. It works for some people, it doesn't work for others. So this this is. This is like the latest and greatest thing, but it's it's not going to work for everybody. What can I pause? You real quick. What is the difference between hemp, CBD, oil and marijuana CBD, oil, okay, you're know that was the exact topic I was going to next.

Oh good, so actually there are two different kinds of CBD oil. There is a CBD oil that's made from the hemp plant, which is which is actually a just a variety of the cannabis plant, so CBD oil, both kinds, actually originate from the cannabis plant. It's just a matter of: did it come from an hemp plant or did it come from a marijuana plant, so the hemp plant CBD oil – is what you can buy that online the companies they they profess, that it's legal in all 50 states? Technically, that's not true, but we'll get into that, maybe a little bit later, so you can buy that online.

You can find it in convenience stores. You can find any natural food stores and all of those kinds of places, then there's what I term real CBD oil. Real CBD oil is is made from marijuana, so it still is mainly just CBD, but it also has traces of THC and other endo Kaname Kenneth endocannabinoids, so um anyway, you would get that from like a dispensary in a state where marijuana is is legal now, so Over the years, I've interviewed various people that are kind of experts in cannabis and what they all consistently tell me is this.

They say: look if you can get access to a marijuana based CBD oil like from the dispensary, always go with that, because that's going to it's just much more potent it's much more powerful. It has all of those other endo cannabinoids, and it's got at that time, and it just has a way it has, because it has all of those all of those chemicals in there. It's it just works better, and when I say chemicals I mean natural natural compounds, natural chemicals, it just seems to work better.

It has more healing benefits to be able to use that marijuana based CBD. However, we all know that there are a lot of states in the u.S. That do not have cannabis laws yet legalizing. You know certain aspects of cannabis so, for those people help CBD oil which you can buy online is is an option like I said it's, it's not it's likely not going to be as effective as what you could buy in a dispensary, but for some people it Works, something won't get benefits from it before I had my medical marijuana since I actually started with him CBD oil and I had some – I had some success with it and then you know I later graduated to get my medical marijuana license.

So I don't really use the hemp products much anymore, so that's one of the things I wanted to cover the difference so well. How have you been doing with it? Has it been working for you personally so on the hip CBD oil? I had a pretty good run with it, for I don't know, probably a few months up to up to a year and it seemed to work pretty well in reducing pain, particularly nerve nerve pain, which which is uh, tough, really really tough, to treat normally they're giving You gabapentin they're not kind of thing for that um, but what happened is at some point.

It stopped working for me. I'm not really clear on why it stopped working for pain, but you know gotten a couple of bottles since then and retried it. That just seems to be something weird too happens with me. It's not unusual for treatments to stop working for me, for some reason, is it, like your body is just so used to it that you have to? Could you go? Do you think? Maybe if you went to something else, and you went back to CBD oil or it just not working out it's just not it's just not working out now, a few months ago I tried a different brand.

It was called Liberty, lick, sir, and that that was done through a review that I did for the chronic illness bloggers Network manna that their product Liberty lick, Sur, which I can't remember the milligrams on it. But it's uh. It was the the one that has the higher milligrams dad actually worked, really well for sleep. It did. It did nothing for my pain, but it it would help me sleep through the night, which is you know, of course, that's gold, and that was a thousand milligrams and the article that Donna wrote about the licks er that she's talking about.

I put in the comments below so you can read more about it: yeah yeah. It was good stuff, so um, but but again I didn't do anything for pain relief. It was strictly for some reason. It was strictly just good for sleep and and dining that self was I because that that wasn't like my intent, I wasn't intending to get better sleep, but I wasn't actually the only one it had that effect, Julie, Brian from counting my Spain.

She also had that in fact, uh she's and she's still taking it for sleep, I'm not just because I've got so many other things that I have to pay for as far as treatment, I'm just not evil to pay for everything so anyway um. So we have a lot of people go ahead. I'm sorry, um! We have a question from someone. She says: I'm using Green Road CBD oil, 250 milligrams directions say place. One to three drops under tongue, so is one drop.

250 milligrams is two drops 500 milligrams. I feel I could drink the whole bottle and feel nothing different must be just hemp yeah. So what I would say to her my advice to her would be to actually contact the company and and ask them for them to give give you directions on how much how many milligrams is contain in one drop. And then you can formulate your dose from there, because the problem with it is all of these.

Companies have different dosing, different milligrams, strengths in their bottle. They, you know, have different dosing instructions and that kind of thing and it's you really can't make a blanket statement. It just kind of depends on the company and that kind of segues into what we're going to go into today on how to how do you find a good hemp, CBD, oil product and so one of the one of the things I wanted to that? I addressed in the article is that it really is when you're, when you're looking for hemp CBD oil, it really is a buyer.

Beware situation, there's absolutely no regulation on em CBD oil at all our government. The US government treats it at this point as a nutritional supplement, and so that falls into you know the same category is you know stuff like multivitamins and melatonin. There there's really no oversight on it. So the problem with that is this. We have a. We have some companies that are marketing inferior products, products that that actually don't have CBD.

Even though they're being sold as CBD products, the FDA, I did some sampling of CBD oil products. I believe in Stu 2016 and found that quite a lot of them had basically no CBD or only trace amounts of CBD, and then there was just a recent study. I'm kind of looking over at my article here out of Penn Medicine and Pennsylvania, and they found out that only around 30 % of bottles of CBD oil, hemp CBD oil only contained what was specified on the package.

So, in other words, 70 % of the products were mislabeled in some way, even they contained more CBD than than what the bottle said, or they contain less CBD that than what it so, in other words, people. The bulk of people are not getting what they are paying for either too much or not enough. So CBD oil kind of like supplements, because it's loosely regulated by the FDA, could they possibly have ingredients and there are fillers in there that they don't necessarily have to label on the bottle.

What say you Donna tell us, I I'm guessing that there are probably companies that are doing, that that are not putting all of the ingredients or are putting ingredients that aren't necessarily in their bottles and that kind of thing, because it because it's unregulated, they can pretty Much do whatever they they want to do so I mean, and and if anybody has gone and shopped for him CBD oil online, they know this.

This stuff is not cheap. I mean you know you looking at. Usually, you know 75, 100 plus dollars for a bottle and a bottle in like last year. You know a couple of weeks, so I got ripped off early on by a couple of companies that I was trying to save money and ended up with a product that basically did absolutely nothing. You know it's just money in the garbage. Can so it's it's a big deal I mean especially you've got chronic pain patients.

A lot of them are you know, on disability or on limit limited incomes or they're. In my situation, where they're paying for so many other treatments, they they don't really have extra money to waste and to try a bunch of things. So you know I'd written about CBD a couple of times on my blog since I started it, and because of that I end up getting a lot of emails and comments and messages from people who are asking who are asking for recommendations on particular brands and products.

And I just I felt very uncomfortable with that. I mean I've got one brand. My cat is yes knocking on the knocking on the camera, but anyway I had one brand that seemed to work for me, and so I would tell them about that brand. But that's that's not really a good, a good solution, so what I wanted to do is I wanted to create an article that that kind of spelled out for people. This is what you should look for when you're shopping online, and so that is how the article that we're going to discuss today came to came to be so.

I just kind of wanted to go through some of the things that people should be looking for when they're shopping. Now this information originated from Martin Lee, who is the founder, and let me see director director Lott says it's his job title of project CBD. That website is project, CBD, org and, and it's a very, very useful website for people who want to learn about CBD in particular, but you know he also does some cannabis obviously does some cannabis cop as well, so I definitely recommend his website when I left that In the comments below yeah, one of the things that I thought was interesting was was this.

When I started working on this article, this kind of backstory I had reached out to various hemp CBD oil companies. I had reached out to hemp associations like nonprofit organizations, and that kind of thing, and what was interesting to me is I did not get a single response back now. You would think if I'm saying to these companies look I'm going to be doing this article on what to look for on him, CBD oil you're going to be quoted.

It's free advertising for them! So, there's a little bit interesting and also suspicious to me mm-hmm that these companies, for whatever reason they didn't they didn't want to talk publicly about their products cuz. If it was something that they would back, you would think that they would jump all over it. You know what to be out there: it was free advertising, I'm yeah, you know, and and I mean I don't – I don't mean to brag, but the my original CBD oil for fibromyalgia article I mean it gets hundreds of Google hits a day so with you know, When people type in CBD, oil, fibromyalgia, usually it'll direct to that to that article, so this was a really really.

This was a good source for them to to be in so I don't know it was kind of telling to me that that they just didn't respond. Didn't want to participate, so I was glad that I had to contact with Martin at project CBD. You know he's a very neutral, neutral source he doesn't sell. Any type of products on his website doesn't recommend any particular products on his website. At this point, when, as we're reporting, I think he is in a process – I may be trying to change that, but anyway, this is.

This is kind of his neutral opinion on what people should be looking for. So one of the things there's about five or six different elements, people can be looking for. One of the things that he recommended as like top of the list, is to always look for an american-made product, because basically we have compared to other countries. We may have better environmental regulations that that are protective of you know growing certain crops and that kind of thing he specified you know not don't ever choose a product from China because of China's environmental regulations are so poor.

You can, you know, get into some problems with that now. The reason the environmental regulations are important and the reason he was recommending american-made products is that basically Canada, cannabis plan in general, whether you're talking about hemp or marijuana, it is what's what's called. Let me see. Let me get the term, let me get the term and you know what all right. I remember the term now it's called a bio accumulator and what that I'm having some brain fog today Brandi.

Can you tell that's okay, because I'm also looking at your article and brightest, I found that word. I was like. I can't even say that, and then you found it. I was like ooh, thank goodness yeah, so so the cannabis plan is what's called a bio accumulator and what that means is it it on a chirally sucks up heavy metals from the soil. So if it's not grown in in good, you know soil, then, essentially it sucks up heavy metals from the soil.

You know aluminum mercury, all of that kind of stuff. Well, that's a bad thing, particularly if your fibromyalgia, patient and you're already sensitive to sensitive to damn near anything like a lot of us are so you know, there's a potential there, there's a potential there to get the toxins sucked up into the oil and then you're You're, basically putting those into your body, so you're coding yourself in something didn't you say in one of your articles that they in turn Nobel they actually plans it.

Some hemp plants to absorb those toxins from the ground, yeah yeah they have. They have hemp grown at Chernobyl on so that that gives you an idea of just how good this plant is, at. You know, being a bio accumulator, because they're literally using it to try to clean up the the soil at Chernobyl, so yeah. So that's that's! One of the reasons that you want to buy by American as the environmental regulations and to make sure that it's grown in a safe way kind of piggybacking on that he also recommended trying to find an organic product.

So I did a little research on that and he he had initially said that that hemp is not included in the USA's Organic Program, but I've since learned that that actually hemp is part of the u.S. Organic Program. So there are companies that can actually get that organic label official government label so again that just this just kind of goes back to the idea of of cannabis being a bio accumulator. You want it to be grown in good conditions.

Without you know, pesticides and chemicals, and that kind of thing being put on the plant, because of course, once that's all too still down you end up taking that in and if, if those kinds of things like pesticides are being used, when we see so one of The things uh kind of kind of as a cheat, so when I put the article out, I still have people that were really wanting me to do like a list of recommended products.

I understand them wanting wanting to do that, because I would make it super super easy for them. They don't really have to research it. They can just go to the list, go to the company and buy it, but I still felt a little uncomfortable with doing that, because companies change their methods and they're that kind of thing all the time. So I may say that this this particular company meets all of these.

You know checkmarks today, but you know six months from now. That may not be the case, and I didn't want to get into the situation where I was constantly having to monitor and the other thing is it's it kind of shows. I don't want to show BIOS on my end of me recommending certain products. You know when I don't. I don't really have a personal relationship with the company or know exactly what they're, what they're doing so, but for a cheat and the article a Martin had said quote, if you punch in CBD, hemp organically grown on Google you'll, probably find a few companies from Colorado Or maybe Kentucky – and I personally personally would lean towards those so that that search term CBD, hemp, organically groomed, if you type that in there he's he's actually correct there were several companies that came up that did seem to to meet the specifications that he had mapped Out, and so I think, that's probably an easy way to try to find some of these organically grown American companies that are putting on him CBD oil.

Another thing he recommended was to look for the terms full spectrum instead of an isolate. So what he's meaning on that is full spectrum means that it has. It has the CBD, plus it has other cannabinoid endo cannabinoids, to provide those healing properties that we that we talked about early earlier. So it's just a more broad range healing product versus what he called an isolate, which is a product that is just CBD.

That's all it is, and we talked previously about the fact that full-spectrum products like I said they have more the cannabinoids they're more healing they will tend to be a more powerful, more potent product versus doing it. Isolate. He also warned that if you do an isolate product, an isolate CBD oil product that those tend to interact with other prescription drugs and that type thing more than a full spectrum – I'm not.

I don't know that. There's really any research on that, it's probably more anecdotal, but that is a little bit of a warning that if you're taking a lot of prescription drugs, he you know basically said you want to steer, definitely steer clear of those isolates. And so, when you're looking online for CBD oil, will it stay on the description if it's a spool spectrum or an isolate, or do you specifically have to ask them that my experience of going to different CBD oil websites, they pretty much will say it'll, say full Spectrum, like I know, Liberty, lick, Sura, I think, says full spectrum American shaman CBD is which is what I used initially before I got my medical marijuana license.

I know their website says full spectrum, so I would. I would definitely look for look for that keyword. Full spectrum also, some of them – use whole spectrum. That's another keyword that she can look for and with looking for those medication interactions or drug interactions with oil. That goes for really any oil that you put into your body when I was doing essential oils, and I was researching that one of my friends who takes medication said you know just because it's an essential oil and it's natural does not mean that it's completely safe.

So she got sick and she researched and she found out. There was several different oils that she could not use because they have adverse reactions to her medications. So make sure you take. Like Donna, said it's it's a it's! A consumer. Buyer! Beware type thing! Not consumer! Buyer. Beware: a buyer! Beware type of things so just know that, even though it's all-natural, you still have to take those same precautions as you would for anything else.

That's going into your body and onto your body, and I know Donna and I were talking about environmental factors that can lead to a lot of our pain and suffering. So it's good to be aware of that yeah yeah. It definitely is, and I mean you want, you want a product. You know he was very clear on this. You want a product, that's that's as natural as it possibly can be, and that kind of goes into the the next next one on the list, which is avoiding unnecessary ingredients.

So a lot of some companies they end up using what he called thinning agents and I'll get into that a little bit flavorings and other ingredients that might be 410 potentially harmful. So what happens is a lot of some of the companies are using and what they call industrialized hemp from overseas and particularly – and I think it's in the Eastern European countries – I might be wrong. I know it's European countries, the problem with using those those particular problem products.

The way he explained it to me is that in those countries they can only grow plants that have a certain level of THC and in order to to grow those plants. For this, for the CBD, what ends up happening is you have to you, have to grow a lot of plants in order to get a little bit of CBD oil from those plants. What happens at that point? Is you end up getting this really really thick? You know hard to work with tough kind of gummy kind of mixture as they're trying to extract the CBD oil.

When you get that tar light mixture going, you end up having to use thinning agents what they call solvents, and so some of those can be. You know potentially harmful to the to the human body, so you kind of want to avoid any companies that are using those kinds of solvents or thinning agents as much as possible. He mentioned flavoring. Now it's very common on these websites to run up on products that you know they flavored.

You know with cinnamon blueberry, you name it. You can find flavors and you know people I gots time to gravitate towards them myself included, because you don't want use a product. That's that's, you know nasty-tasting or whatever, and I personally you know didn't, have a problem with the with the flavoring issue. But what Martin had said is if it's a really good product, if it's a high quality product and if it's been refined, the right way.

There really is no need to put any type of flavoring agents in the product and he he specified that you definitely don't want to use a flavored product if you're going to be vaping it because the problem with that is that when you're vaping it you're putting High heat on on those flavoring agents – and he said basically none of none of those have been approved by the FDA in order to be safe once they are exposed to those high levels of heat.

You know what does that do to the flavoring agents once it's once it's heated up like that, and so I tell I tend to agree with that. I know there are other other people that I've said you know to its. It may not be a good thing to vape CBD oil because of you know, we don't really know what happens to the oil itself when it's heated to those kind of high temperatures, so I'm pretty much avoiding vaping any kind of CBD oil.

I do occasionally use CBD oil for my dispensary and I use still use at sublingually as a coil under under the tongue. You know, I that's it's. It's just kind of the the vaping of a CBD is a little bit of a gray area and there's still a little bit of uncertainty about how safe that is. So he was, you know, kind of warning people against doing that. So I did want to share that and we have another question: okay, Wendy asked about getting a prescription or buying from a dispensary in person or online.

She lives in Merrill, Minnesota and she's, not sure if it's legal there, I looked it up. Wendy and medical marijuana is legalized in Minnesota as far the CBD oil. I don't even think providers prescribed CBD oil. No, no, your! It would be very, very difficult to find a doctor. That's going to going to be that specific, because the doctors of doctors are very uncomfortable having a cannabis discussion in general these days.

Many are I'm not all, but many are because of their of it being federally legal. So there's some worry that that might affect their licensing and that kind of thing I know here in Delaware. I had to actually go to a special cannabis doctor in order to get my paperwork signed off online, so that could get my license because none of my none of my local doctors, like my primary care or rheumatologists, would sign the paperwork because they were worried about How that might affect them legally this? What we're talking about today, hemp CBD, oil, you do not need any kind of type of prescription for it.

Literally, you go on google and you know, find a company and buy it. It's it's easy to buy. You can like. I said you can find it in some natural food stores, some convenience stores now for a marijuana based CBD oil you're going to need a if you live in a in a state where cannabis is, is legal recreationally and definitely then you can literally just walk into A dispensary and buy it my cat is determined he's going to he's going to be on TV today.

My cat looks on this exactly like him and my friend Paul that lives in the UK, who also is a fibromyalgia. Thriver also has a black and white cat. Like that yeah, if you're going to do a marijuana based CBD, you would you would go to your dispensary. If you live in a state where it's only medically medically available, then you would need to go through. You know your state's process we're getting your license so that you can go to dispenser and buy it so that hope died.

Answers. Her question I know, are you sorry? He looks? Oh look. He was about to attack the cameras, yeah he's he's being in that case today, he's funny the camera hog. Alright, so last couple things on the list here, he said to be wary of any companies that are making health claims. This was kind of touched on by the FDA a over the last couple of years. Basically, because these these hemp oils are like, I said, they kind of fall into the same category as supplements and vitamins, and that kind of thing there really is no regulation, but even so, companies are not supposed to be making health claims like.

I have run up on some hemp CBD websites where they make claims that it cured cancer. You know that it fixed, you know all types of chronic pain and that kind of thing and that's a big big red flag, because that's a violation of federal law, and so if these websites are doing that, it basically means they don't understand the system and he He mentioned that he would definitely avoid companies that are doing that because it's it's a violation of law and then he he also said you know two.

If you have questions, don't be afraid to reach out to the companies and ask questions because a good, a good reputable company is going to is going to be there and going to be happy to answer your questions either through phone or email or whatever they're. Not going to you know, try to be secretive about what's on their product what it does back at that kind of thing, so try to look for companies that are happy to interact with their customers and those were the the main things that he that he pointed Out, and so I put the article that Donna was just referencing, it's in the comments below and I'll share it out again on the bean, fibro mom, page and websites.

I think when I post this show on Friday, instead of what I usually do is I read the show and then I write as as I'm reading it listening I'll type it all up, but really everything that Donna has gone over today is in her article. So, though, I think I'm just going to post the article on the website and then post this link to her website, because in in in that, what I really like about your articles, Donna, is that when you talk about a study, you link to it.

When you talk about findings, you link to it, I'm just looking over your article, and this is why, when I get on your site, I'm in a rabbit hole because I find something and then it links to something else that I need to know about. And I really don't have to leave your site and to be able to get all the information I need. This article has all the information that I think you would need. There might be some more questions, but I think all that's going to be covered.

One thing I wanted to cover because I know where we're headed towards wrapping up, but one thing I didn't want to cover is we Gala D, because I know that's kind of still up in the in the air and the truth of the matter? Is you know? I so, if we're talking about Meryl of marijuana based CBD oil, that you would buy at a dispensary, that is, you know, considered to be the good stuff that no matter where you go, that is going to be that's considered to be federally illegal.

It comes from the cannabis plant. The DEA says that cannabis as a Schedule, one drug, so anything derived from the cannabis plan is considered to be illegal. You know that obviously we have. We have state legalization, but at the end of the day in the u.S. It's it's still illegal federally. There is a huge, huge, huge great area when there comes when it comes to hemp, CBD, oil and there's there's actually debate over whether it is illegal.

So the DEA, according to the DEA, they say that hemp CBD oil is illegal. Their argument is that it originates from the cannabis plant and since it is part of the cannabis plant, therefore it falls on there being a Schedule. One drug there's probably going to be a lot of people, they're going to argue with me on that, because most of these have CBD oil companies that are selling the products online.

It's very Communists have them say you know legal in all 50 states. But if you get down to the nitty-gritty and if you because I've actually reached out to the DEA and interviewed people from the DEA on this subject, they consider it to be federally illegal, the hemp industry. They argue that no, it is not illegal. Apparently there was a court case a few years back that basically said hemp products, because they only contain very, very many trace amounts of THC that, therefore, a CBD, hemp, CBD oil product does not fall under the Schedule.

One designation of the of the US federal government – and I believe it was it – was kind of towards the fall of last year that the DEA actually put out a special announcement. Basically saying that hemp CBD oil products are illegal and at that point one of the hemp associations filed a lawsuit against the DEA, saying that you know obviously they're infringing on their right to sell products and that kind of thing now, as far as I know, nothing's Been decided in that court case yeah, but the hemp industry, the last I've heard, was fighting that statement made by the DEA last year.

In the meantime, you can still buy it online. You know it's, it's still legal in all 50 states, according to those. According to those companies – but I didn't want to let people know that it is a great area, and you know if someone is concerned about that. I wanted to show that information technically, it is illegal. Okay, have another question when he wants to know how you can find a doctor willing to give a medical card.

She can't she does have she's having trouble finding one right now. What do you recommend a couple of different things, so here in Delaware, I went through a doctor's office called canna care, Docs and I'll. Try to remember. To put that, can I care I'm making a note, so I remember it, but it's let me see if I can spell it for its c-a-n-n-a, so canna like cannabis, can I care CA. Re. Do si s com, canna care, Doc's, calm, now, canna care, Doc's calm.

They have that's right, you nailed it so so they have offices all over the country in states where there are legalization laws for cannabis and that's all they do they. They basically have a couple of doctors in each office and you make an appointment and you take your medical records and they will look at your medical records and do an exam of you and then they will fill out your paperwork for you.

The downside on that is, it's it's a little expensive. Well, it's not just a little expensive. It's a lot of expensive. Like my friends, that's my my appointment here in Delaware. Initial consultation was like $ 200. So, and of course, you know, your insurance doesn't pay for that. That's out of pocket so like here in Delaware, it was $ 200 for the doctor's appointment plus you had to pay the hundred and twenty five hundred thirty five dollars for the actual state application and that that was before you even step foot in the dispensary.

So that's an option I would see if kanna care Docs has any location in her area in her state. The other option is, I would maybe go to an organization like normal and let me see if I can pull that up real, quick to make sure I've got. I've got the spelling right, so normal is in Oh RM, l, dot, org and that organization they may be able to give you a referral to a local doctor who is more more cannabis friendly.

I can't guarantee it, but, but if anybody would would know the local chapters of normal would probably know you could also try googling your state name Plus cannabis, abbis advocacy organization or cannabis nonprofit in your state name. Some. Some combination of those terms see if you've got a local group that advocates for the legalization of cannabis, and I can assure you that the board members are the members of those groups are going to know if there are any doctors that are cannabis friendly in your State, so that's a that's a couple of different avenues there, hopefully that some of those will help.

That's that's really helpful. Thank you for giving us those links. Yeah was there anything else that you wanted to um? I'm trying to think I I don't think so. Was there anything else you can think of? No that pretty much covered it all for me, um yeah. I can't think of anything else because, as I was thinking of them, I was asking them um. If you have any other questions after the show, though, feel free to keep commenting on this article and Donna – and I will both be answering those and kind of monitoring any comments.

So if you don't have anything else, we'll just go ahead and wrap. This show up for today and thank you to everyone that has readed this show, whether it be live or a later viewing of it. If you find this article helpful, I encourage you to please share it out the more that we know about all the treatment options that are available for chronic pain, the the more healing that we can give, and you know a lot of people – may not even know That CBD oil exists.

I was just talking to someone this past weekend that had no idea about CBD oil. They knew about marijuana, but they didn't know about CBD oil. So it's just getting that information out there. So thanks again, thanks Donna for joining us again. I appreciate it yeah it's it's um. You know one of the final words on CBD. You know I would just say that it's it's a good option for people to try. If they are, you know wary of trying.

You know traditional cannabis because they don't want the hi or whatever you know. I can't. I can't guarantee that it's going to work for everybody because, like I said in the beginning, it works for some people and not for not for others but um. You know it's just it's just something to to try and it's an alternative, especially in light of you know. What's going on with the opioid epidemic right now, people need options, and so hopefully, with the with the article and Martin's information people can find a good product and try it and maybe get some relief.

I was also going to ask the original CBD fibromyalgia article that I wrote for federal team comm. It would probably be good to link that in the comments too, because that is that covers a lot of a lot of the basics. You know just what is it? How it works with the research centers legality, that kind of thing, so that might be useful for people as well. I think I put that on there, okay, the one that says: CBD, oil and fibromyalgia yeah.

What uh? What you need to know about CBD, oil and fibromyalgia? Yes, link that in the comments as well. Good do I'll include that in the in the post about this on Friday. I'll include that as well cuz, that's a really good article that sparked a lot of questions for me, yeah yeah, that was that was the original one. That kind of made me a so-called expert on this, but you also have updates to it. So I mean you can see now you, you updated it three times since you've written this article.

So it's not like you just put that out there and just left it yeah. I go back every few months and check it and make sure everything is still accurate and I add any additional information in it. That's you know, because I know the legality situation has changed several times since I wrote that post in 2006, 15. 16. I'm not sure what year it was 15 yeah yeah. So anyway, it's an option. It's uh! You know something that we have.

We still have access to. Thankfully, and thankfully that's not going to not going to change despite you know the DEA seeming like they want to have an opinion now – and I know when I get off this um this article and I have a lot of questions for you. Cuz I've been writing down questions, but I didn't have to do a CBD oil sigh I've held off thanks again for reading we're going to go ahead and wrap this up have a great week.

Everyone we'll see you next Tuesday,