You dont want to talk? Fine. I’m done trying.

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

16/7/2021 2003

I’m an idiot. I shouldn’t take things too serious. We never actually talk about those things. And he did tell me a lot of things about him that he didn’t tell anyone else. So, if i just left like that, i was just being an ass.

I’m happy today.

15/7/2021 1732

Went out and bought a loaf of bread and some crackers. Crackers was bad idea. Mocha was a good idea. Its been a full year since i last drink one.

It seems like he dont feel the need to report everything to me, which mean i dont have to be so hung up on him. Dont waste my time. Hes not interested. I wont go looking for him. He has to find me.

Time to let go.


Kept getting bsod and i did the normal thing to fix it, check for windows file error and memory diagnostic. Found some error and they said they fixed it but I don’t really have high expectations. Video kept glitching on youtube, might be driver problem and i did reinstall using with clean installation option.

Reinstall pop os on another drive, i change that like every other day. Last night, it was endeavour os. Its slower than pop os and i dont like the font. It looks really jagged.

Someone burning something outside. 🤬 should t open burning get banned?

What a dumb fuck. That’s me.


i forgot. i'm happy i guess. didn't spend a lot of time with him today. he's been streaming all day with the guys. and i got bored not long after watching them streaming. he did say sorry after that, and we spend some time watching his favorite show. so, i am happy today.

Third day. He’s not interested. I keep saying to myself that he’s just too excited and just want to play games. When he’s probably sending me a message that he’s not interested, get the hell away from me. I’ll be fine. It’s not the first time I’m alone. I’ll be fine…

I cried easily. Too easy. I have the playlist specifically for that reason. To cry.