A well is a hole in your back

The movie was over and the two emerged from the theater. They walked to the car, taking a long route to dodge around clusters of people. It was almost twilight.

What the fuck was that


What a shit film

I know right

Eye kay arr

El oh el

Kay tee haitch ex bye

Are you leaving me

No just thought it was funny

You're silly

Where to next


You already said that


A well is a hole in your back

I thought you would have something more profound to do after all this talk of cock and pussy

We are just two guys whispering about pussy

But we're at the mall

Not for long

He opened the door for her and she sat down in the car.

A jeep drove by and he stared at it. It had three dog stickers in the back window close together. She couldn't see it from where she was sitting and instead looked at his crotch.

What's going on?

It's like a human centipede diagram but with dogs.

Dog centipede?

Yeah, bumper sticker

She pushed him, let me see, stood up and it parked not far away.

No shot


The grossest

A woman got out of the jeep and stood by the door arranging things in her purse. The two walked over to her, left the door of their own car open.

She looked at them, had her honey hair up behind her head, a brown beret on that matched her shrug, she had a blouse on and sea green slacks, shoes that matched her purse.

You look just like an old person but you're not


You're here for a long time not for a good time

She chuckled nervously.

I'm Rowan and this is Arlo.

Hi I'm Lennon

Nice to meet you

Where are you going

She looked at them and then looked over and around them, then returned her gaze to Arlo who had asked where she was going.

The mall

Why are you asking us

They laughed.

She chuckled nervously.

Are you in danger

Ess oh ess

I gotta go

Are you gonna be late

Yes actually

For a very important date

She stopped and made it a point to pull out her keys and press the button to arm the security system on her jeep.

Rowan and Arlo flipped her off.

The food court was noisy, kid slapping skateboards on the floor and picking them back up. Barry looked around for security, a sour look on his wide face. He stood out in his charcoal blazer and tweed vest but no one approached him or said anything. He would just catch their glances. Most kids in sweats, sometimes a big t-shirt pulled over thermal underwear, occasionally a flannel over that, blue and black plaid. He was one of the few who did not have a cell phone in his hand, he sat facing the main entryway to the food court next to the escalators and the most expensive department store in the mall.

She turned the corner and he lit up, trying to make eye contact but she was too far away.

She had her blonde hair up and it nearly matched the tan beret and the shrug pulled over her shoulders. Her sea green slacks stood out among the black and blue denim as she made her way through the crowd looking for him, her purse pinched beneath her elbow, thumb in the strap.

He sat up straight and waved an arm but she didn't see him. Someone standing next to her pointed at themselves and then looked forward at him then back at the pizza counter then shrugged. He sat back down and continued to stare. Eventually his entire body had twisted, she was standing in front of a furniture store with dark windows, signs of recent construction clinging. She glanced over her shoulder and made eye contact and his face lit up.

She smiled and looked at the floor as she made her way to him.

He stood up and stretched out his arms, Lennon, embracing her in a deep hug, she patted his side with one arm and kept her hand pinned under her purse strap, head down.

Barry, how have you been

It's Barton now, rebrand, he spread his fingers on the table in front of him and raised his eyebrows like he was waiting for her quick judgement.

Barton, she smiled and adjusted her beret.

He looked like he wanted to say more but had paused.

Well how have you been

Oh, I have been great. I realized what I was doing at work was not uh working and so I changed.

That is good to hear, she had been staring at his eyes as he gesticulated, sitting up straight, adjusting his jacket, touching the pocket where a handkerchief might have been. He didn't take his eyes off her.

How is that going, a look of annoyance building, starting in her cheek and under her right eye. She tried to stave it off by looking at the restaurants starting with the ones behind him.

Well I was shutting a lot of things down you know, new people who think they know it all but they weren't there in the dark times at the beginning so I was laying the smack down and then it occurred to me that I was not doing anything new so I started saying yes to all of it and are you hungry you look parched, can I get you something to drink

She paused and looked sideways like she was considering whether it would be safe to drink anything this man gave her.

That's not why I am here, bear- I mean, Barton.

His face reddened, he touched his cheek and smacked his lips, he had said too much.

Right, I'm sorry, go ahead

She started and he interjected, I just, you know, I'm excited to see you, he clenched his fists on the table between them.

She still had one thumb pinned behind her purse strap, her other hand had joined it as he was speaking. She looked like she might bolt at any moment.