I want to play in your blood

Destinee was alone in the house. She stood at the window and watched through cracked blinds as they backed out of the driveway and their tail lights disappeared in the night.

A knock at the back door, very faint.

She went to the alarm system and punched in the code turning it off.

She stopped at the hall and looked into the silent darkness, no light cast from the street lamps on the walls. Either the doors were shut or the shutters were closed.

She walked to the back window and saw a thin man with dyed black hair, glasses with invisible frames, gray eyes staring into the back window, hand cupped, one wrist wrapped in black gauze. He wore a shirt that had the pink font of a popular movie but the words were a quote from the Bhagavad Gita.

She stopped on the other side of the glass and stared into his eyes.

He tried the door handle and looked impatiently at her. She reached over and put her hand on the lock and stared blankly at him, took a deep breath and closed her eyes, then turned it to the unlocked position.

He stepped in sideways, long legs in black jeans, positioning himself between her and the door.

She put her mask over her face.

She led him by the hand up to her room and sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled his shirt off revealing an array of strange scars. He nearly fell over pulling off the first boot, chuckled. She did not break character.

Sorry, he cleared his throat then bent down and removed the other boot.

He pulled off his pants and briefs and stood naked in front of her.

Your turn.

He lay there next to her, she was naked except for the mask and his fluids.

Do this often?


He looked at her sideways on his back.

She looked at him sideways on her back, force girls to fuck you

He smirked.

And you were such a good girl

You can leave

I'm not finished

She climbed on top of him, I'm going to hurt you

He peeled the gauze off his wrist, start here

She gasped at the stitched up wounds. Then she caressed them. Then she caressed herself. Once she was sufficiently excited she started working on him.

I want to play in your blood

She was straddling him, both naked now except for her mask.

I'm going to take off that mask and fuck your face

You wouldn't dare

He wiggled his eyebrows, one arm behind his back, she eyed his body, looked at his arm like she was entertaining the idea but it was just for a moment.

He was staring at the mask, glanced down at her breasts and then her pubes.

I want to ride again



They looked at eachother for awhile and let the silence hang between them.

I've gotta go

You do

She slowly climbed off of him and he rolled over on the other side of the bed and walked, hunched over, collecting clothing off the floor and draping it over his arm.

You can dress in the hallway

I can dress right here

She sat on the bed and hunched over, reducing her shape to a curl and the mask, hair framing it.

He pulled on his pants and leaned against a chair by the door where she kept her books and purse, charging wire protruding.

One of these days I am going to fuck your face and you will be sorry

What if I like it

He laughed.

Give me my wrap

She held up the gauze in one hand, he reached out for it while hunched low like he was trying to duck under something, his arm fully extended. She let him take it.

He wrapped his arm and pinned it back then pulled on his shirt.

See ya

Wouldn't want to be ya

When the bargaining begins

She came into the bedroom and he was looking at his phone and stroking himself, naked. Started without me? He held up the phone and she saw herself. Naughty. She pulled off her clothes while he watched. Should I delete them? Up to you, I am yours. His dick throbbed, baby.

It was late but they made love anyway. He was tired but he stayed up laying next to her, watching as she talked about school, parents, money, job. He wanted to have sex again, to interrupt her busy mind and flood it with pleasure one more time before he had to fall asleep. Then he fell asleep.

The next morning he could smell coffee and bacon. He sat up and looked at the clock, it was still very early. He went into the bathroom to prepare for the day.

Wet hair at the breakfast table.

Good morning, how do you feel today

Good, why

I might be coming down with something

Which means I might be coming down with something

The radio was faintly playing a song about having the freedom to leave a situation but being half buried, a piano pounding out a rhythm and a falsetto voice asking where their life went and why their friends did not help them.

He was in a conference room, tall windows and morning light streaming in. His colleagues crowded around, someone was wearing a tie. He could see the backs of her legs but looked at the screen when his boss appeared.

You should probably all go home

Someone in the room coughing.

We are working on an at home solution

Someone in the room blew their nose.

We will have equipment shipped to you

Someone in the room strained, adjusted their tie, touched the top of their neck and appeared to be in pain.

We will cover this first week of pay

Someone spat into a wadded up tissue then buried it in the palm of one hand.

Do what you can today to prepare for the possibility

Someone touched the back of a hand to their forehead.

You might not be back in the office for awhile

Someone coughed a second time, dry and harsh and uncovered.

People filed out uncomfortably, outside the conference room they split up and went their separate ways, atomizing.

There has to be an easier way to clean this fuckin thing

There is but you won't like it

Try me

He showed him.

Fuck that

The other man laughed.

And fuck you for showing me that

A pile of forwarded mail

Picked it up with a box of her things

Rushed out to the car, afraid of eye contact

Hurried down the stairs, afraid he would catch up with her

Ask her to stay, can we talk about it

But we can't

The top envelope was large and legal, required a signature

Not sure how he did it

Didn't care anymore

Opened it up and said to the driver, this thing is over

And it was her mother's name

And her mother's estate

So busy with the relationship and the friends and the moving out and moving on


Tears in her eyes, appealing to the driver

That look on her face, it wasn't true

But there was nothing he could say or do, couldn't rescue her this time

He kept his hands at nine and three

That fucking bastard, tears streaming, spitting

He opened his mouth to ask if she was okay but she was not

She paged through throwing a fit, I don't want any of this I just want her back

She paused, opened her phone, opened her mother's contact information, call history

Over sixty days old gets deleted, no recent activity

How long has it been, a rhetorical question he almost answered

She threw it all on the pile of blankets in the back seat, leaned over and hugged his arm

He ran his fingers through her hair and then backed out of the parking spot and drove them home