The day it stopped moving

I should have posted this earlier. Also, sexual content warning.

She lay in bed on her side looking at him. He was curled over looking at his dick.

Are you sure?

I'm sure, I totally came.

She touched herself and looked at her fingers.

Well alright, how was it, cowboy

It was great, he looked at her, frantic

Great, it sounded like she was commenting on popcorn at the theater. A statement of fact.


You want to go again

Oh I mean eventually yeah

Takes a while to you know

He looked at her again, still frantic

Bounce back



Wanna cuddle, come here

She snaked one of her arms under the pillow behind him and put a hand out, fingers outstretched.

He was still curled over like he was protecting or examining his dick.

What's going on, Saed, enough of the crap

I thought you got your nut


And I don't know it's just not working


Look, you're great

More crap

It's not you it's me

Get out

She sat up quickly, like a gymnast, her hair flying around the edges of her hair and then snapping back, totally naked, her breasts bounced and looked very soft. She caught him looking at them from the corner of her eye and scoffed, gathered her things and went in the bathroom and slammed the door.

Tessa and Stella in her room, black posters covering every inch that wasn't blanketed with wall hangings, black and white ones she saw on social media and ordered, pinned corner by corner above her bed, spread out across the room.

A woman's voice came through and aligned with a bouncing bass song that accompanied the pop of grenadilla and a slow electronic oboe. She sang of being trapped in darkness somewhere, probably a well, about seeing things because there is no light, how she fell and was rotting, the only warmth was her memories of and presence of mind.

Tessa continued, well I thought it was hot when he said I want to feed you a profane meat stick in the gas station parking lot.

Like, what a great first date idea. Then I was chewing meat from this sharp wooden stick that was probably rolling around that gas station for, she studied Stella's face, well who knows how long

Stella was looking at her phone, reading messages. The current one she was puzzling over read, i just got my phone.

She looked up at Tessa, I just got my phone

Is that what he said?


The fuck does this mean

The fuck

She said the message aloud before she typed it out with emphasis, the fuck bro

The next song had a wailing synthesizer that dodged back and forth between three haunting notes, the bass guitar still drumming along to keep time, castanets hissing and a snare drum. The woman's voice reverberating, a tale of the dark predicament continued, only the sound of bells, the scent of a nearby meadow and fresh soil in the sunlight, stuck in the void and losing hope.

A new message from Saed, hey.

Aww, she was stoned and sounded like she found a kitten in a drawer.

Tessa stood up, it's him isn't it.

She typed, what are you doing?

Tessa walked through the open bathroom door and began putting together a collection of nail polish and materials to do her nails.

You. I wish.

Stella was slow to realize what this was about and read, you I- then stopped.

He's gonna try to get you to talk about sex so don't do it. Once you get started that's all you'll talk about. Then everything else will fade out in importance. And eventually he'll get his nut and there won't be anything left between you.


Stella studied Tessa's face as she set her things down and prepared her nails, first cleaning them off with a cotton circle.

Yeah but it's good advice.


Stella pressed the button to sleep her phone and lay down on her stomach next to her friend, waiting for more bitterness to appear.