Hey there! I'm your average 30 year old business depressed woman, you can call me Charcuterie (I explain this in the description :))

I am the baby of my family and always the one who has to put on a brave face for the others. I would go to the end of the world for my Momma, Daddy and 4 siblings. Hell for my 16 nieces and nephews too.

I am not sure if anyone will even read this to be honest, and that's ok. I do hope one person reads my stories and can find some comfort in them. If not I will 100% find comfort in sharing these pieces of my life.

Like most people I have faced many, many trials and tribulations. Being the brave face girl of the family, I needed an outlet that I could guilt free share what's going on inside of my head. Not that my family wouldn't listen and be so supportive, but someone has to be the one to keep it together.

These posts will be sometimes sad, in fact they will be starting with the most earth shattering thing that has ever happened to me. BUT I also love to share the good things that I am blessed with.

I hope you stick around and can relate to my stories <3