How to Install UO Outlands on Linux (May 2022 Edition)

For any Linux users out there who would like to play on UO Outlands, there are a couple of methods that can be used to achieve this. The first one is a YouTube video from a player on the server going over how to install and run the game via the Terminal. This method still works but as of mid April of this year, I was beginning to encounter client crashes while playing, especially during boss battle (minis, mains, T8s, etc.).

A new method, using the instructions from the linked video above, utilizes the Bottles application. I have tested this using both Pop! OS 21.10 and Fedora 36. It's been around a month since I have been playing on Outlands this way and have had zero issues.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Download and install Bottles (I installed it via Flatpak).
  2. Run Bottles and create a new Bottle. Name it whatever you choose and select the Gaming environment.
  3. Download the .NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime. I used the 5.0.7 installer from the video link although there is an updated version.
  4. Download the UO Outlands Client.
  5. In your newly created Bottle, in the Details & Utilities tab, press the blue 'Run Executable' button and select the .NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime .exe you just downloaded.
  6. After that is finished installing, do the same thing in Step 5 except select the UO Outlands installer.
  7. Now that everything is installed, here are the Preference tab settings I have selected: Graphics > Use DXVK, Discrete GPU; Synchronization > Esync; Audio > Reduce PulseAudio Latency.
  8. The dependencies I downloaded were Wine Mono, All the Microsoft and Adobe Fonts, faudio and gecko. Some may not be needed but I wanted to be sure.
  9. To make it really easy to run the Outlands Launcher, go back to Details & Utilities. Select the Utilities tab in the main window and press the Browse C: option at the top of the list. From there, select Program Files (x86). Inside that folder, you should see the Ultima Online Outlands folder. Bookmark that folder in your File Manager. That folder has the Outlands.exe that you need to run to open the game.
  10. Once you run Outlands.exe, the game should run. You should know what to do from there.

Should you have a backup of your Profile files from a previous installation and want to move it over to your newly created Bottles version of the game, click on the Browse C: option from above and navigate to Profiles folder (Program Files (x86) > Ultima Online Outlands > ClassicUO > Data > Profiles. Copy your backup files to that folder and relaunch the game. This video (not mine) is where I learned how to properly backup your game settings and preferences.

Should anyone have any questions about this installation process, feel free to hit me up on Discord (charred#5296). Good luck and see you in-game.