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SeokBeen :)

‘Yeonseok-ah, you have your shoot session today, arent you?’

All resounding to the ears was the clacking sound of glasses and utensils being stored away neatly in their containers.

‘Oh really? Yeonseokie has not yet done his photoshoot?’ the one and only princess in the group Mido asked, following Kyungho’s left unanswered question.

The four friends paused their motions for a short while and centered their attention on the youngest brother, Yeonseok. He had been bustling day and day for the past few days. Having the five of them going camping together for the first time, the expert campinger Yoo Yeon Seok has been appointed as the person in charge.

Be that as it may as if he wasn’t himself, he went all jumpy since the morning.

Eyes fixed on his bright phone screen, he lowered his guard and loosened his awareness that Kyungho approaching him was not considered a thread. The fake maknae squinted one eye in an attempt to have a peek.

‘Yaaa… what the heck… who are you texting? Is it the blue house? The president? Are you being awarded the star of best maknae?’

Lips moving some inaudible words, Yeonseok finally noticed his friend’s sneaky movement and turned around.

‘Hyung, you’re heading home with your manager’s car today, right?’ The youngest baby made a direct question. All of the four laughed and giggled, slightly confused with his strange behavior, yet none seemed to have them surprised by all means.

They knew, for sure.

It would’ve been peculiar if they didn’t.

Arasseo. That’s it. Brotherhood no more. Friendship no more.’ said the grumpy Jung Kyungho. He walked away, leaving maknae Yeonseok, taking all his belonging, and getting ready to go.

The princess of the group followed Kyungho and the rest made their move seconds after. All headed to their respective cars to load their appurtenances. Two days of camping out in the wild were enough getaway from their frantic shooting scheme.

‘Yeonseok-ah, pack your bags and get in your car now. It’s time to leave. Come on, let’s head back to Seoul.’ The eldest brother Jojeol urged. He had a bit of worry sprinkle on his face, utterly concerned with the youngest unresponsive behavior.

‘Yes, hyung, right away. I’m sorry I was just replying to texts.’ Yeon Seok calmly replied, smiling as the eldest brother approached him, being the only patient friend to help him with the packing.

‘You’re going to see her again today, aren’t you?’ Jojeol whispered to him as they both faced back the other friends, waiting in their cars.

Yeon Seok’s smile was apparent to the eldest’s eyes. It has been several months ever since Hospital Playlist season one wrapped its successful drama. In regards to that, time has elapsed ever since the last time Yeon Seok had a formal encounter with his co-star Shin Hyunbeen. However, it is not an unknown fact that the two occasionally meet up on several occasions, be it on purpose or purely accidental.

Two strangers met and started out as a friend.

Best friends.

‘She texted me, hyung.’ Yeon Seok opened up; his hands were still busy folding some of his used clothing. ‘Her shoot was supposed to be next week, but it got accelerated to become today because she had a sudden important schedule set for that date. So we’re both doing the shoot today.’

‘I see. That basically summarizes everything then.’ Jojeol laughed at his own wits. Thinking how the maknae has now fallen deeply in love amused him. The two would make a great pair, so as Jojeol would say. ‘No further questions asked. You won’t be able to answer properly anyways.’

‘Hyung!’ Yeon Seok whined, a bit embarrassed at the fact that the eldest brother knows him too well.

‘Okay, that’s enough. Let’s wrap up and head home, shall we? Ouh, I can’t wait to see my little angel at home.’ Jojeol made a funny face, smiling from ear to ear as a memory of his beautiful baby girl appeared in his mind.

Yeon Seok loaded most of his stuff inside the car; he is now getting ready to leave. He drew himself to each of his friends’ car to bid them goodbye.

‘Ask her if she’s free and keen to have a coffee or beef stew. She would love that.’ Jojeol placed a gentle pat on Yeon Seok’s back, the act of senior nurturing his junior.

‘But don’t forget to take things slow. Respect her and treat her well.’

Yeon Seok turned around and flashed a smile of reassurance. He understood the assignment well.

‘I will hyung.’

[Hyunbeen, 14.04]

Oppa, where are you?

[Yeonseok, 14.08]

Arriving in ten :) Have you arrived?

[Hyunbeen, 14.09]

Yes. But I’ll just wait for you then.

[Yeonseok, 14.12]

Why? 🥺 You can go in first, it’s okay.

[Hyunbeen, 14.13]

It’s alright. I will wait for you. 😖

[Yeonseok, 14.15]

Haha… Okay. I’ll be quick! 🏎

[Hyunbeen, 14.18]


[Hyunbeen, 14.19]

Drive safely. 🥺

[Yeonseok, 14.20]

I will. 🥺

‘Stop doing that, will you?’ Yeon Seok chuckled as he handed over a cup of warm matcha tea to Been. He noticed her bad habit of biting nails as a method to overcome her anxiety made a return. Diverting her attention to her favorite drink was Yeon Seok’s way to go.

He was stealing glances, quite too often for it to be called a glance. Been remained unbothered. Whether or not she noticed the man’s act, no one could tell for sure.

‘You uhm, oppa, you did a great job back there.’ Been tried to ease off her tension.

Yeon Seok sipped his own hot green tea before giving her a response. ‘The shoot?’

She nodded her head, now shifting her seat closer to him. ‘Yes.’ Been’s eyes widened to their maximum diameter. ‘I know you probably would say it’s nothing because it’s only a photoshoot, but still... You were so… natural.’

‘Trust me. It took me years of practice to not look so awkward.’ Yeon Seok scratched the skin right above his eyebrow, feeling a bit shy.

‘And plus, I think you deserve to be a part of it.’ Been pursed her lips, staring blankly at her feet, noticing the neat folds down her jeans encircling her pristine ankles.

‘To be a part of what to be exactly?’ Yeon Seok lurched forward, digging deeper for what Been has to say.

‘My experience in acting is very limited. Having only spent several years in this entertainment world…’ Been hesitated. She’s fully aware of Yeon Seok’s round attention to her, and she had a hard time framing her words.

‘Meanwhile you… you’ve marked your name in the industry. People know you; they recognize you for your outstanding performances. You deserve to be a part of this project. KOFIC made the right choice for having you in this. But I’m sure many people would agree that I, not yet, deserve the title.’ Been continued as her head kept on getting lower.

Yeon Seok fully understood her point, and if he were to disregard his morale and risk everything, he would do anything right there right then to make her feel a lot better.

The urge to pull her by the hand and have her arms circling her tiny body has almost succumbed that Yeon Seok urgently had to throw his face to the other corner of the room.

‘Don’t say that.’

Been still had her eyes on the ground.

‘There are great people behind this project. They did not just casually pick actors and actresses as to their likings.’ Yeon Seok continued. ‘They picked you. They must’ve seen something in you. Something great about your portraying your role. You’ve succeeded, and they saw that.’

Been felt her eyes twitch at Yeon Seok’s words of encouragement. She could tell from the way he said it. He did not say that only out of pity or groundless empathy. It was honest and sincere.

‘And I saw that too.’ Yeon Seok chugged down his matcha tea. ‘If anyone were to say otherwise, they would have to take a closer look, to see just how remarkable you are as an actress.’

Been traced the cup lid with her fingers. She wasn’t quite sure herself on why precisely this sudden attack of butterflies in her stomach appears whenever Yeon Seok is around. Not to be mistaken, she has plenty of guy friends; growing up as a tomboy girl made her circle far from limited to only girls.

Gomawo.’ Been sincerely said, didn’t dare to say the word eye-to-eye to Yeon Seok.

‘What for?’

‘For making me feel a lot better about myself.’ She was frank at that moment. To receive such a compliment from fellow actors is something she seldom receives. Better yet, Yeon Seok, her co-star, her loveline in the drama, her best friend in real life, and so much more.

‘Oppa, you have a way of radiating comfort to people around you. That’s something you should be proud of.’

Yeon Seok brushed aside his embarrassment by laughing it off. Killing two birds with one stone not only it hindered his face from burning red, but it resulted in Been bursting into melodious laughter as well. She did realize now what she said was rather doltish, but now that Yeon Seok is around, his presence washed her concerns away.

The stylist staff called her to change. It was supposedly a one-session shoot, but the crew wanted more of her pictures and have received a green light of approval to have more of her portrait.

‘Do you think I look okay?’ Been asked. The question initially was meant to be a rhetoric one. A kind of one not expecting an answer in response, yet her sight in a beige colored turtleneck and blue jeans appeared to be a magnet to the eyes.

‘Okay?’ Yeon Seok scoffed. ‘Beauty in simplicity. Nothing can ever second that.’

Been captured Yeon Seok’s eyes, and the feeling struck her again. The indescribable feeling was overwhelming her. A feeling so pure yet undeniably dangerous to her sense. The fondness Yeon Seok gave to her was unlike any others, thoroughly menacing that she knew it is a different kind of affection a friend would give to a friend.

Even so, doubt and hesitation engulfed her heart. The emotion she tried to deny, seek to hide. Been was afraid she would fall in too deep for a heart that has been broken so many times, as fragile as hers.

Whether it was the love from Ahn Jeongwon to Jang Gyeoul, or with all one’s heart, sincerely from Yoo Yeon Seok to Shin Hyunbeen, none of the two could exactly tell.

‘No oppa. You can be honest with me. You know God is fair when he gave you the talent for acting, but it turns out you can be impeccably bad at lying.’ Been furrowed her brows, a curve twist right on her chin resembles her so much of Jang Gyeoul. It made Yeon Seok chortle. He had seen that face many times on screen, on and off filming, but it never fails to amuse him every single time.

Aniyaa! Jinjja! I am not lying! You look good in almost everything!’ Yeon Seok’s cheeks were flaming in tomato as he unconsciously said it in public. Though not many people were in the room, he still restrained himself back to his boundary line.


Been turned swiftly at Yeon Seok’s remark, completely neglecting the hairbrush she was holding. ‘Yes, oppa?’

‘You have a beautiful smile.’ Yeon Seok took a deep, long breath. ‘Let your beauty enchant them all.’

There was a minute moment of silence where their eyes had locked. He saw her hazel brown eyes, plump lips, rosy cheeks, and he no longer sense fear or worry coming from her. Yeon Seok smiled at her before nodding and politely guided her to the studio.

Been loosened her hair, it fell graciously just right below her shoulders. A strand of hair stuck to the side of her face in which she wasn’t aware of.

‘Wait, hold on.’ Yeon Seok pushed Been’s hair behind her ear and tugged it. His subtle smile made her catch her breath as she smiled back at him. She felt an embrace of happiness and peace as the two leaps in close proximity to one another.

Been felt her gullet went dry, and she cleared her throat, causing the two to break from the contact.

‘Oh, right. Sorry.’ Yeon Seok took a step back.


Been distracted herself by neatly comb her hair. She kindly asked the stylist only to fix her makeup but wanted to tidy the hair independently.

‘Been-ah, do you have any plans after this?’

She raised an eyebrow, her brain simultaneously listing down her plan for the day. ‘Not that I know off. My manager moved the shooting schedule to today because I am pretty much free for the whole day. What about you, oppa?’

‘Oh, is that so?’ Yeon Seok rubbed the nape of his neck, swaying left to right showing his malaise. ‘If you want to, maybe we can have coffee or beef stew? I m-mean if you’re not that hungry, we can have tea or snacks, that would be fine too?’

Yeon Seok scratched his head again, this time a bit longer. He regretted his hastiness and lack of forethought. ‘B-but, of course, it is totally fine too if you don-’

‘Sure! Beef stew, coffee, and snacks it is then!’ she answered in a whim, without having to think twice.

Been hid her excitement well as she marched to stand in front of the camera. Yeon Seok stood there, hidden behind the crowd of staff. He’s never leaving her, all attention centered only on the one and only Shin Hyunbeen.

Her hair was a rich shade like blooming flowers, and it flowed in waves to adorn her glowing, porcelain-like milky skin. Been's eyes, framed by short lashes, were a bright, hazel-brown and seemed to brighten the entire universe. A shining pointy nose, plump lips – she appeared the picture of perfection.

Had she smiled, the world would sigh beneath her feet. Had she laughed, the world would laugh with her. And had she wept, the whole world would want to comfort her.

Yeon Seok admired her; he cherished every line and curve of her body as he watched her from afar.

It's the moment when he finally realized, and as if he has never been sure of anything else, Yeon Seok finally understood that perhaps the greatest love of all is who the eyes can see.

Shin Hyunbeen.

She stole his heart, and better yet, unbeknownst to her, it was always hers for the taken.

She loves him more than he will ever know.

And he loves her more than he’ll ever show.


  • iksong –




Entah bagaimana seharusnya aku memulai suatu tulisan. Aku pernah mengambil dan duduk di kelas literatur semasa sekolah. Juga bukan maksud ingin mengecewakan guruku, tapi mendalami bidang medis selama belasan tahun sudah cukup untuk menimbun hal-hal mengenai tulis menulis yang diajari semasa sekolah dulu.

Tapi bisanya pembuka dimulai dengan salam. Jadi semoga aku memulainya dengan benar.

Kalau pun tidak? Mungkin juga tidak apa-apa. Aku tahu ia pasti hanya akan maklum jika tulisan ini jadinya berantakan. Meskipun begitu, aku tetap ingin menuangkannya ke dalam kata-kata.

Akhir-akhir ini aku banyak membaca novel bergenre roman. Di sela-sela pekerjaan atau setelah operasi yang memakan waktu hampir seharian penuh, aku akan berlari ke ruanganku dan mengambil novel itu, lalu dengan sukarela menenggelamkan diriku di dalam lembaran-lembaran tipis berbau khas mahakarya si penulis.

Jujur saja, aku membaca nya karena aku sedang dimabuk cinta. Iya. Bukan mabuk yang seperti sempoyongan begitu, tapi lebih ke mabuk dan haus untuk dicambuk pecut cinta. Astaga. Terlalu frontal ya?

Sepuluh hari.

Itulah berapa lama aku dijauhkan dari dia. Aku yang berada di tempat baru, masih meracap udara baru di sekelilingku, sudah saja harus ditinggal dia.

Lalu mungkin kamu bertanya, apa hubungannya ini dengan novel dan dimabuk cinta? Aku seorang dokter, jangan tanya padaku soal itu. Aku juga tidak tahu apa hubungannya.

Aku membaca karena ada seseorang pernah berkata padaku kalau membaca buku bisa mengalihkan sekaligus menenangkan pikiran manusia. Bisa membuat mereka jadi lupa akan hal yang membuat mereka gelisah, atau sedih.

Lalu, kebetulan saja novel yang kubawa ini ternyata bercerita tentang cinta. Alih-alih membuat tenang, yang ada semakin jelas bentuk dan garis wajahnya di benakku.

Di hari keberangkatannya ia sampai repot datang kemari hanya untuk menyatakan cinta. Ia mengakuinya seakan-akan ia hendak dikirim menuju Timur Tengah dan tidak akan kembali sampai lima tahun ke depan. Entah mengapa ia berpikir itu merupakan waktu yang baik untuk melakukannya.

Aku bukan orang yang biasa berpikir terlalu lama atau sengaja mengulur waktu. Hingga detik ini aku menyesali diriku yang pada saat itu menimbang terlalu banyak dan akhirnya dikelabui keraguan.

Tapi mungkin aku butuh waktu. Segala hal pun di dunia ini, butuh waktu. Di dalam kesendirian ini aku menyadari banyak hal. Salah satunya, betapa hidupku bergantung kepadanya. Tidak selalu, tidak dalam segala hal, tapi dengan ditinggal nya jauh seperti ini, rasa hampa mulai menghantui.

Aku menulis ini karena senyawa-senyawa di otakku telah terus menerus meneriaki namanya. Semakin dibendung, dinding yang menahan rindu ini malah semakin retak. Menghindari itu, aku mencoba menuangkan nya dalam tulisan ini. Berharap saat dia pulang, atau suatu hari nanti di suatu tempat sunyi yang disukainya, ia akan membacanya.

Sejak beberapa hari lalu, tepatnya tujuh hari setelah keberangkatanmu ke Spanyol, ada lagu yang tidak bosannya di putar di radio. Setelah lagunya selesai aku selalu lupa mencari tahu apa judulnya. Nada nya ku ingat samar-samar, aku belum berani menyanyikannya dengan lantang. Setiap lagu itu dimulai perasaanku campur aduk. Senang karena lagunya sopan sekali masuk ke telingaku, tapi sedih karena tiap baris liriknya seperti sajak puisi yang seolah-olah ditujukan untukmu. Aku kesal; karena aku menjadi harus menahan dentuman kerinduan yang menggebu, mengemis kehadiranmu.  

Aku tahu kau suka musik. Aku juga tahu betul betapa merdunya suaramu. Sesekali di tengah-tengah lagu, aku membayangkan itu adalah kamu yang menyanyikannya.

Aku tadi sudah bilang, aku masih kurang ingat nada nya. Tapi aku ingat jelas apa cerita dibaliknya.

Metafora yang dipakai di lagu ini, bermakna rasa cinta yang begitu dalam, yang menginginkan seseorang hingga ke tulang-tulangnya. Ingin memiliki sepenuhnya, menyelami hitam dan putih dirinya, mencintai hingga ke inti dari tubuh seseorang itu.

Aku bukan penyair, kosakataku terbatas dan tidak puitis. Tapi aku adalah manusia hidup yang perasa; dan perasaanku tahu betul kalau apa yang ada di lagu itu benar.

Aku mencintaimu hingga ke tulang-tulangmu. Aku mencintai lekuk wajah, garis tangan, bentuk mata, tekstur bibir, detak jantung, sendi serta tulang-tulang yang menopang, membentuk dan membuat dirimu ada. Aku mencintaimu, sebagaimana kau seutuhnya.

Jadi cepatlah pulang.

Jangan terlalu menyukai sinar matahari di Spanyol. Jangan terlalu mengagumi pemandangannya. Jangan juga terlalu jatuh cinta dengan keindahannya.


Lalu sukai, kagumi, dan cintai aku. Sepenuhnya. Seutuhnya.

Aku sudah punya itu.


Aku sudah tahu apa yang kumau.

Maka pulanglah dan biarkan aku membisikkannya kepadamu.

Alam semesta dengarlah dan bekerja samalah denganku. Angin hembuskan rinduku ini kepadanya agar ia tahu; aku ingin dia kembali.

Aku butuh dia.

Aku butuh dia karena jika dia ada, hari-hari buruk tidak akan ada. Dirinya yang selalu berkata, “Tidak apa-apa. Semua akan baik-baik saja.”

Datang dan buat semua ini kembali baik-baik saja.

Di hari ke sepuluh, ingatlah aku dan pulang.

Sebab aku akan menunggu. Aku telah melakukannya selama dua puluh tahun. Aku bisa tahan untuk beberapa hari ke depan.

Di bawah matahari terbenam, berdua bersamaku, berceritalah. Habiskan waktu bersamaku, menghadap lah kepadaku. Karena di hari itu juga, aku akan membisikkan suara hatiku kepadamu.


... sampai bertemu di penghujung senja, Lee Ikjun.

Aku menunggumu.

Dari Songhwa, untuk Ikjun.





It was supposed to be a lazy Sunday rendezvous for Ikjun and Songhwa. Having spent almost for almost the whole month with the round-the-clock working hours, followed by symposium preparation, leaving them hardly any time for each other. Songhwa promised not to leave the house on the weekend; she really did. However, unfortunately, the nearly forgotten agenda for afternoon tea with the residents forced Songhwa out of the house.

One hour has passed. If he was too quick to conclude, then yes, Songhwa broke the promise for the second time that day. However, being a very considerate man he is, there could be many reasons one would come in late. Traffic perhaps? A long list of waiting at the restaurant? Or…simply because she lost track of time?

Songhwa wouldn’t. Ikjun thought to himself.

He sat comfortably resting his entire body on the couch in the living room. With the golden-brown colored guitar in his hands, Ikjun began to strum the strings, humming the song that has been stuck, echoing in his mind for the past few days. He brushed the guitar plec over several strings, generating sweet-sounding music. He had repeated the songs twice when hearing the beeping sound coming from behind the apartment door. The sound of the door pushed open was followed by Songhwa’s warm greeting to her loving husband.

‘Ikjun-ah?’ Songhwa stretched her neck to peek over to the living room. The sweet smile of her flashed upon seeing Ikjun cozily resting on the couch. With no intention of teasing and flirting, Songhwa slid off her coat, leaving her only a thin layer of a blouse. Songhwa walked towards him, deep in question, as he did not give any response or flinch for the slightest bit ever since her arrival back home.

‘I’m home…’ She repeated, now standing precisely in front of Ikjun. Letting a few seconds pass as she stomped her feet gently, attuning to the song he played on the instrument. Songhwa stood there, doing absolutely nothing to the point she has had enough with Ikjun’s seemingly cold attitude. A word came out of Ikjun’s mouth the moment she was about to head to their bedroom.

‘You promised an hour.’ Ikjun said in a monotone voice, his hand still going up and down the strings. ‘Did something happen?’

Songhwa was stunned at the following question as the dull emotion statement turned into a rise of concern within a second. She returned to where she was standing before, this time leaning towards Ikjun. ‘No. Nothing happened. But I know, I’m sorry I came home late.’

Ikjun brought himself forward, leaving zero inches of gap between them. The proximity was enough to cause a tingle on her entire body. Songhwa shut her eyes tight, tilting her head slightly, expecting a soft brush of his plump on her lips. Instead of fulfilling what she desired, Ikjun slowly pulled himself back to lean on the couch. Out of vexation for what he’s done, Songhwa flicked her eyes open and glared at him.

Setting her pride aside, she straddled Ikjun’s lap and lurched towards his face. Songhwa cupped him with both hands before planting soft kisses on either side of his face. Undisturbed, Ikjun continued with his humming, letting her do the work. As she did so, Songhwa carefully maintained the distance between her and the guitar Ikjun was holding, not wanting to cause him infuriated by her clumsiness.

Ikjun paid close attention to her silky soft skin visible under the blouse she was wearing. A part of him was dying to resist the temptation of not making an immediate move to rip off her remaining layers of clothing.

‘Perhaps…’ Songhwa whispered to his ear most lasciviously, her warm breath felt on his skin tossed a rush of arousal within him. ‘...this could make up the one hour we lost.’

Songhwa got back to her feet and began to undress utterly right before his sight. With every move she made, Songhwa made sure his eyes never left her frame. Keeping only her lingerie, she bent over to Ikjun to claim his lips. A grin broke the kiss as she felt Ikjun began to use his tongue. Purposely she pulled away from the kiss, and it burned the flame out of him.

‘Ikjun-ah, I like the song you played earlier.’ Songhwa said to him before giving a nibble on his lower lip. ‘Sing it again for me, will you?’

Songhwa begged with her eyes when she slowly went lower down Ikjun’s body. Her hands were touching him everywhere, tracing his biceps, chest, and lower right above his manhood. Ikjun stopped strumming the guitar at the contact of Songhwa’s hand, rubbing his hardening bulge outside the fabric.

Songhwa knew very well what she was doing. The pride and sense of victory rage within her at the fact that he’s entirely under her control. Ikjun gripped the guitar real hard; his knuckles turned white. Songhwa gently palmed his member and worked over his sweatpants then his boxers skilfully.

Ikjun held back his groans the moment Songhwa began to pump him several times. The sight of Ikjun in complete silence was a pleasing sight to see for Songhwa.

‘You may begin now.’ She instructed.

Once the strum of the guitar began to play, Songhwa’s desperate fingers grasped his member and, this time excruciatingly slowly pumping the tip. Ikjun started to singing, and without prior notice, Songhwa wrapped her lips on his length and used her tongue to trace his pulsating veins.

Songhwa heard of how Ikjun’s voice began to shudder, and in that time, she stopped to give him a warning while undoing her bra and slid off her panties. Pleasing Ikjun’s eyes with her now wholly nude body. ‘I’ll let you off now but, if I hear you sing the lyrics incorrectly, or your voice becomes shaky or… the guitar doesn’t sound right… I will stop right away.’

Before Ikjun could agree to anything, Songhwa bowed her head down once more and pinned his hips down. Ikjun had to do the song repeatedly; he sang very well, that it cost him almost all the energy he contained in his body to do so. Ikjun tried hard to sing along, yet the attempt to shut his eyes made it worse as when the eyes closed, other senses now strengthened.

Songhwa’s teeth in touch with his throbbing length was another win. When Ikjun strummed the guitar aggressively, it almost changed the tone of the song, and It would’ve been fatal if he wasn’t quick enough to get back on track.

Her warm mouth circled a heat and wetness around Ikjun’s member. She raised her head to his tip and almost rapidly sucked him hard, bobbing her head up and down. Songhwa would sure he went blackout at a certain point that his singing was him letting out melodious words under his consciousness.

Songhwa’s tongue swirled around Ikjun’s length and sucked him real hard that he could feel himself pulsating in her mouth. Ikjun was already singing half of the song, rewarding him for doing it incredibly well; she looked up and gave Ikjun her flirty gaze before letting go only to wipe her bottom lip of pre-cum before wasting no time to shimmied back down. Songhwa went all out; she increased the pressure around Ikjun’s length, the sound of her wet mouth gliding and sucking him to the bottom.

She sucked hungrily again, bobbing her head up and down. Ikjun felt his member throbbing, stomach clenching, that it was aching for release when all of a sudden he got lost of control. Ikjun fell of notes on the very last bit of the song. He stopped singing and letting out a moan instead and involuntary jerking his hips into her mouth. Breaking the only rule, Songhwa gave him the only consequence. She stopped right then, right there.

‘Fuucckk Songhwa-ya!’ Ikjun screamed out of resentment and disappointment. Sweats were visible as it flowed through his forehead down to his neck, he cursed, but his voice came out weak and breathless. Enraged not to release himself, Ikjun’s breathing became frenzied as he intensely stared at Songhwa, who was standing lasciviously before him again.

‘I did give you a warning. All you had to do was to sing the whole song without making a single mistake.’ Songhwa reminded him again. She teasingly sneaked a hand down her core, another attempt to get to Ikjun again as he placed his guitar aside and began to study her.

Knowing how tremendously sensitive she was, Songhwa felt her womanhood already pooling by only imagining Ikjun’s bare abs and muscular biceps sticking to her skin. Letting her guard down from getting too focused on playing with herself, she let out a shocked gasp when a pair of warm arms pulled her and carried her to the master bedroom. She couldn’t help but moan and ran her fingers through Ikjun’s hair all the way to their bedroom. Though was filled with the burning desire of lust, Ikjun gently laid Songhwa down the bed, enjoying the sensation of having her squealing and wriggling on the bed. Immediately Ikjun raised his arms to pull the hoodie off his head, presenting the sight Songhwa was nearly dying to see. He found Songhwa’s hand instantly made its way again to the area between her legs and coming to a halt; Ikjun grabbed her wrist as he climbed up the bed.

‘Songhwa-ya, do you know what is so impeccably good about getting revenge?’ Ikjun kissed her and brushed the hair off her face. Songhwa’s short-length hair made her collarbones fully exposed in the open air, and it went straight to become Ikjun’s primary target. Now hovering above her, Ikjun kissed her neck gently then lower to her collarbone. She whimpered when down her womanhood felt Ikjun’s fingers brushed her clit.

‘The best feeling about it is…’ Ikjun crashed his lips and relentlessly kissed her. He had two fingers at her core, yet only to trigger the frustration out of her, he did not insert them but merely tracing the entrance. ‘ to let them feel what you feel and add to that, you can make them suffer ten times worse than what they did to you.’

A desperate, filled with regret moan escaped Songhwa’s mouth when Ikjun flipped their positions with her now being on top. Instead of resting his head on the pillow, Ikjun sat upright and had a firm grip on her hips, only for him to quickly easily sucking the white milk skin just above her breasts.

‘Make love to me, Chae Songhwa.’ He said with his raspy voice, gliding his palm between her bare thighs, causing her to shiver. ‘Just as what you did to me, I, too, have a condition for you.’

Ikjun looked over to his shoulder and stretched out his arm to the desk, reaching for a guitar pick he received as a birthday gift from Songhwa last year. Ikjun soothed her by pressing featherlike kisses down her cheek and jawline before stating his one and only condition. ‘You will make love to me, I will bring down heaven to you, but…’ he smirked, ‘this shall not fall out of your mouth.’ Ikjun had her to grit the guitar pick in between her teeth.

‘Am I making myself crystal clear?’

A smile tugged at Songhwa’s lips as she started twisting her hips, moving up a couple inches before dropping back down. She let him thrust his length into her, inserting himself fully along her wet walls. She cried a whimper when Ikjun pressed her hips down basking intense waves of pleasure through her weak body, urging her to keep on riding him. As if she had no more pride left in her, Songhwa guided Ikjun’s hand to touch her. She longed for his touch, she craved for it.

Ikjun rested his palms on her breast to cup them and subconsciously tightened around the soft perky flesh mound. He loved how her body fit him so well, so tight and warm. ‘F-fuck Songhwa-ya… g-go faster.’ She did as she was told. Going faster, hair sticking to her sweaty skin. Songhwa knew she was getting there yet to keep abide under his condition she could only cry and almost let out a scream. Ikjun’s move of groping her bouncing breasts and nibbling on her nipples was a total knockout.

‘Ah Ikjun-ah!’ her desperate cry, her tone full of need caused her to lose grit of the guitar pick. Songhwa moved her hips up and down rapidly in an attempt to reach her climax. She clutched on his shoulder and held on Ikjun’s neck for stability, that is when Ikjun stopped her movement by getting his hands on her hips and back to seize her chance of releasing.

‘Damn it, Ikjun-ah!’ Songhwa made an immediate protest.

‘I told you didn’t I? Whatever happens, don’t let it fall out of your mouth.’ Ikjun chuckled, placing his palm on her stomach and the other on her bare back. He flipped their positions again, this time allowing her to rest her head on the pillow. ‘But look at you Songhwa-ya… it was a simple task, don’t you think?’

Ikjun tilted his head to the side to pepper some light kisses on her cheek. ‘Yet, you failed.’ A groan mixed with a sharp intake of breath came out from her as she expected Ikjun to continue making love to her despite there being a high chance of him playing rough in turn of punishment. But instead, Ikjun got out of bed leaving her lying weakly on the bed and headed to the bathroom.

‘Ikjun-ah, p-please… I need you, please just…’ Only Lee Ikjun, the man who is able to make her down her knees, shamelessly begging for him to tear her apart. To make love to her, to caress her, to have her breathless.

Entering the bathroom Ikjun quickly grabbed a towel. He folded it half and rolled it just enough for him to wrap his hard and leaking length in. With the view of Songhwa touching herself, squeezing her breasts. He began to jerk and pumped himself a few times. Arousal cursing through him and being already filled of pre-cum, it was easy for him to reach the climax. One hand holding on to the handrail as the other worked on to pump, Ikjun closed his eyes and pictured Songhwa in his mind, of how sweet her kiss was, how her juice leaked and her walls tightened around him. Seconds later after a few pumps Ikjun released himself as he moaned Songhwa’s name out loud. The wet and groaning sounds echoed through the bathroom and it sent waves of arousal to her.

Panting and unable to move Ikjun leaned himself on the wall, gathering his strength and senses again as he recovered from his peak. Only then he realized Songhwa was already out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. She touched him all over as she claimed his lips, having him groaning into her mouth. ‘Was it great, Ikjun-ah?’

He nodded.

‘Oh…’ Songhwa smiled, a kind of mockery smile. She cocked her eyebrow. ‘But, by the looks of it… it wasn’t.’

Knowing Ikjun well, Songhwa knew he could go again not only one but mayhaps two rounds. She took the time to stroke his member again before heading back to the bed, pleasing Ikjun’s eyes with the curve of her body from behind as she walked away.

‘Damn it, Songhwa-ya.’ He murmured. Ikjun followed her back to the bedroom, admiring the woman from her top to the bottom of her toes, laying content on the bed with her legs spread wide.

‘Do it properly now, Ikjun-ah.’ She jerked her body underneath Ikjun. ‘Go down on me, taste me, and let us… make love now-‘

‘Flip over.’ Ikjun commanded.

Songhwa rolled her body over now with stomach pressing flat on the sheet. Ikjun raised her hips slightly in the air, causing her to prop herself with both upper arms. A loud moaning tearing from Songhwa’s throat when Ikjun lapped her up. ‘Ohh y-yes that’s it Ikjun-ah… fuck.’ He continued running his tongue on her entrance, pressing kisses on her thighs. The feeling has now burned through her entire body.

‘I can’t do this anymore, Lee Ikjun, I need you inside me now.’ There, she begged him again, cheeks flushing red. ‘I need you to…’

‘Say it.’ Ikjun sneaked a hand up front to cup her breast and pinched her nipple making her gasped. He spread her legs a little.

‘F-fuck me hard, Ikjun-ah.’

Ikjun nodded and smiled at her request. He caressed the side of her hips and her back in preparation. ‘Since you asked, then, get on your hands and knees.’

Songhwa chuckled, obeying his command. He pushed his lower body to have her bumped against his crotch. Songhwa moaned when he thrust back into him but in response he pinned her down the sheets. With one hand kept pinning her still on bed, the other at the base of his length, Songhwa jolted at his sudden move thrusting into her deeply from behind.

Ikjun noticed how she grabbed and squeezed on the sheets, then he gave her a few seconds to adjust to him now being completely inside her. Her whimpering was understood as a sign for him to start pounding. One hand that was placed on her back now moved upwards to clutch on her shoulder as he rocked against her.

‘Ohh.. ohh fuck Ikjun-ah, yes… yes you’re so-‘

He chuckled, pounding harder into her. His skin slapped hard against Songhwa’s. He went on rough and it made her scream out of shock. He lost count of how many times she called him out, at this rate, if one was to hear their love making sessions, one would be able to recall the name of Lee Ikjun.

‘Songhwa-ya fuck you’re squeezing me.’ Ikjun rolled his eyes and her arching her back in pleasure. Having the considerably bright idea Ikjun hauled her up and now pulled her body to his chest, all that as he kept on thursting. Songhwa was quick to catch and in this new position she took the privilege to rest her head on Ikjun’s shoulder, now her moans and groans were direct in his ear.

‘More Ikjun-ah, more!’ She screamed. Ikjun did so, he really did. He bounced against the skin of her ass and completely bottomed her up.

Songhwa’s legs started shaking when Ikjun moved his hand now down her core and rubbed harshly on her clit in a circle. Her hands went back to Ikjun’s thigh to press him further in, her walls now pulsating and ripping his hard member.

‘Touch me Ikjun-ah, touch me aahh-’ her sentence cut off into a breathless whimper. ‘Touch me everywhere, pleasee…’

Almost immediately he lifted his other hand over to latch on her right breast, squeezing it and fondled it as he slammed into her. Songhwa’s inside was already shattering, hitting all the right spots. Ikjun as well felt he’s getting near.

Songhwa’s fingers we’re getting raw as she was digging them in Ikjun’s arm. He pounded so hard and forceful and they’re a few bits away from their climaxes.

‘I love you so fucking much, Songhwa-ya shit you’re so good.’ Ikjun spoke right to her ear. She’s getting weakened and completely resting her head on Ikjun’s shoulder, counting on his grip on her body to keep her in position.

‘Ikjun-ah don’t stop, I'm close.. I’m c-coming, Ikjun-ah please pound harder.’ Songhwa arched her back and pushed her buttocks into him. The act was totally unexpected; it hit Ikjun with immense pleasure. Songhwa clenched and tightened, her body was shuddering greatly out of the climax sensation against his chest and it was then she reached her breaking point.

‘S-songhwa.. aah.. s-shit’ Ikjun tried hard to find words to complete the sentence but he failed miserably as he instead muffled his groan by biting on her shoulder. Ikjun felt his stomach tightened by the blissful release. He let go of his squeeze on her breast and now circling both arms to hug Songhwa as he spilled inside her.

He gave her a few slow thrusts as both of them started to quiet down. Ikjun felt how Songhwa was still shaking a little and he didn’t let go, keeping her close and giving her the warmth. Kisses and hands caressing her body was to ensure she was alright.

Their knees failed to prop them any longer but not wanting to hurt Songhwa by bashing their bodies to the bedsheet, he looked at her and pulled out carefully before placing her back gently on the bed.

Panting as she was laying down, Songhwa pulled Ikjun close to her and buried her face on the crook of his neck.

‘Ikjun-ah that was….’

‘A workout session.’ Ikjun said quietly, giggling to himself. With now the two of them laying face to face he was able to see her facial expressions clearly. Her glistening face out of sweat, slight red nose and small bruises from the workout session previously began to be visible to his eyes.

‘I’m fine. Don’t worry I’m fine, Ikjun-ah.’ She placed a hand on his chest, nodding her head.

‘I can’t believe it all started with…’ Ikjun tried to recall.

‘With me coming home late.’

‘My guitar.’

The two came up with different answers at the same time, causing them to laugh.

‘If only you were able to finish the song, Ikjun-ah.’ She chuckled. Tracing a heart mark on his chest. ‘I love your voice. Your singing voice.’

Ikjun blinked a few times, admiring how the smile now painted her face.

‘But Songhwa-ya, you know what?’

She looked up to him.

‘With that position we had just now…’

Songhwa furrowed her brows, getting curious.

‘With your head on my shoulder as we…. did it.’

Songhwa moved closer to him. ‘Yes?’

‘Each time you moaned and screamed my name… it was-‘

She cupped Ikjun’s face this time. ‘What? What is it, Ikjun-ah?’

‘Music to my ears.’

Hi, please don’t mind me… I’ll probably just waste your time for the next couple of minutes. Well, that is, if you intend to continue reading this pointless/useless analysis 😂 Also, I’m not sure whether anyone has written something based on this before. Still, I’ll just write my version here for the sake of my sanity. I actually planned on making a thread about this on Twitter, but me and my lack of confidence brought us all here.

I wrote this solely based on my observation. I did a bit of research (not a thorough and proper one, though), and it’s purely just for fun. As I said, this is just me over analyzing things, sorry :(

I have been rewatching several eps in the past few days. However, this particular part/point in EP 3 irrevocably captured my attention.

Early in EP 3, where the lacking five were about to have lunch together at Songhwa’s office, this chip of iksong moment caught me. Ikjun was messing around as always, and at one point, he inadvertently played with Songhwa’s eyeglasses. At first, he asked whether her eyesight had gotten worse. She didn’t respond to him then; however, his following statement was a bit ‘striking.’

Ikjun said, “We had the same eyesight, but now I can’t see.” I understand it MAY be pointless or has no particular meaning at all. But from the way I perceived it, there has got to be an analogy to this. 😂 Starting with the ‘eyes.’ The eyes are everything and are an integral part of the body. The eyes see and come along with that; the eye sees what the mind knows, the mind perceives.

It is in the way he said, “we had the same eyesight.” In medical terms, it is referring to the ability to see and the quality of their eyesight. Since the beginning, we know both of them are using eyeglasses to improve their vision. However, there could be something more in particular about this.

Songhwa did respond this time, and she said. “Try removing your contacts.” I know; this is just Songhwa telling him to remove his contact lens for a better sight. She’s very familiar with it. She didn’t even have to ask whether or not he was wearing the contact. A contact lens, in general, has the same function as eyeglasses, helps to correct refractive errors, and performs this function by adding or subtracting focusing power to the eye's cornea and lens (from the web). However, even according to research, dependency on contacts is unhealthy as it may affect the eyes. In short, contact lenses are not recommended for long-run use.

Now, where do we go from here? Figuratively, or in analogy, we can use this to describe the ins and outs of the iksong relationship. We know in the beginning, until half of EP 3, Ikjun is still tied to his status as being married to Hyejeong. “We had the same eyesight” can be interpreted as a way of vision that both of them see from each other. The two have a prolonged history, and since Ikjun got married, things between them have certainly changed ever since. Indirectly, of course, change the way they see each other.

At the beginning of EP 1 alone, Ikjun introduced Songhwa to his son Uju as 'my friend.’ 'Same eyesight' here can literally mean how iksong has instilled a vision and a perception that the relationship between the two is limited to that of a close friend. The same eyesight equals to them being in the same line, looking at the same point with a somewhat similar ability to see. Therefore, ‘sight’ can be referring to their positions that are seen only as friends to one another. Vice versa, Songhwa also limited Ikjun to a best friend, especially with his marital status at the time. Each of them knew where they were supposed to stand, their position, their limitations.

Nonetheless, then Ikjun said, ‘But now I can’t see.’ Not quite sure what this implies; again, it could be just another meaningless line. But to me, it could refer to something more than it seems. Ikjun tried on her glasses and made that particular comment. He was convinced and sure of the sight he was expecting to see, but not anymore. And as we keep on going through EP 3, it begins to unravel in the fullness of time.

The way I see it, EP 3 is really the start of their rising action. After lunch at Songhwa’s office, the following scene pulled us back to a flashback of their karaoke session during college days. What’s interesting is this particular scene where Ikjun sang the line ‘I will only have eyes for you.’ Hahaha! Again, with the eyes… Then some points later, the camera focuses on him, then Songhwa. 😂 As we all know, Ikjun has fallen in love then. And in his eyes, it has always been Songhwa all along.

Oh God, I’m so bad at making this. I’m sorry. 😂 😂 😂

Moving on to the next point now, everything has come to fall into place towards the end. The perfect 'vision' that Ikjun sought and tried to maintain now had been shattered. What he used to believe and see has turned blurry. Ikjun was the one who said, 'Now I can't see,’ and that hinted at the fact now the point of view has changed from his perspective. Now that he has been separated from Hyejeong. Even when she was away, never for once Ikjun thought of ‘seeing’ anyone else. Songhwa was there, but Ikjun knew what and where he has supposed to look then. Hence, with all sudden change of situation, as if a bird free from its cage. Ikjun was free, but at the same time, he was not entirely sure where to fly next.

Going back to the ‘eye’ and ‘sight’ analogy, a study shows that the eyes require some time for adjustment from bright to dark and the other way around. The adaptation will trick the mind into believing the eyes lose sight for a certain period of time before adequately functioning in the next minute. It all happened in a strike of lightning for Ikjun. Doubt filled not only his mind but too his heart. He needed time to adjust for him to be able to see again. The time to adapt itself may vary; however, my over-analyzing self found something interesting on this. The first ‘confession’ he made to Songhwa was during that legendary breakfast scene: ‘Eating with you, have coffee with you, that’s a treat I give myself.’ This particular line of confession happened in Episode 10. Clap your hands if you’re aware, but it took seven steps (seven episode counting from Episode 3) for Ikjun to finally be able to say that.

Right, so, what does that even mean? Seven is the most powerful numbers according to some beliefs. The number seven is the number of completeness and perfection. Seven seas? Seven continents? Seven vertebrae in the neck? NECK? Come on, we all know Songhwa’s problem with her neck, right?! What is more to say about this? 😂

Okay, alright, I know! You’re probably thinking right now, ‘what on earth is this bitch right here talking about with all of these points?’

Then the one and the only answer I can give is; iksong endgame.

Certified, verified, iksong endgame.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Look, if you happened to read this… and… none of this does seem to make sense to you. It is totally fine. In fact, I am very sorry for having written such a confusing theory/analogy. Whenever I found an interesting point on a particular iksong scene, I usually just screenshot, type everything down, and talk shit to my friends for hours about it in the chat. I have never written them on an elevated platform and upload them plainly, and publicly such as this one, so fair to say I have zero experience in doing so. However, though, I tried my best to collect my thoughts and have them constructed in the simplest way possible.

I am free, open, and is more than willing to talk about random things about iksong. Whatever that may be, it could be some pointless shits, random facts, a well-rounded theory? Or even crying over the tiniest bit of crumbs? I would be more than happy to do so!

Oh, and please, if you see this, it means you know me well enough to talk to me at random times and cry over iksong together. Let me hear your thoughts on this. Ask me if you don’t understand what the hell I was saying a while ago. Fight me with your theories, enlighten me with your new findings, surprise me with a unique perspective on wherever scene you find interesting. And who knows? Write your own analysis, perhaps? 😂😂😂

To close, I would like to thank you for reading this piece of shit coming straight from my brain dump. If you don’t get it, please feel free to ask me 😂. I hope you had a lovely day!

OH AND, a special thanks and honorable mention to chojeolate, cassie_bey, and hiiucha for their patience in dealing with the noisy chirps of mine whenever I finished rewatching a particular episode and dwell myself in the chaotic world of over-analyzing iksong. 😩🙌😭💕


'ikjun-ah.' Songhwa said as she gently pressed down Ikjun's hand on to the side of her bed, stopping him from doing what he was before.

'What's wrong? Does it hurt?'

Songhwa shook her head limply, still giving him a prudent smile. Using her upper arm to prop herself, she turned to her side, facing Ikjun.

Ikjun helped her with her movement, fixing the pillow's position to let her rest comfortably.

'What is it?' he stroked her cheeks. 'Tell me.'

She smiled again, but this time, forcing one with tears in her eyes. Ikjun noticed her quivering chin, trembling lips, and her rapid blinking were all enough to indicate how she felt. Ikjun squeezed her hand; at times, he would always come up with the brightest and funniest jokes to ever told, yet his brain could not figure out a single word at the time. He hated himself for that. Ikjun knew that whenever the pain strikes her body and how she tried to endure it every time, Ikjun knew.

'Ikjun-ah, I'm tired.' she said, trembling.

Ikjun's dexterity failed to catch the tears that fell down his cheeks. 'I- I know…. l-let me make the bed again for you, okay? Give me a few minut-'

'No.' tears welled up in Songhwa's eyes. 'You don't understand. I am tired, Ikjun-ah. I really am.'

A great tremor overtook her body, causing Ikjun to dropped everything he was doing and wrapped her arms around her. 'Listen.'

'Chae Songhwa, listen to me.'

Tears raced down Songhwa's cheeks in time when she tried her best to let herself out of his embrace. 'No.. no Ikjun-ah.'

'Listen! Look at me.' Ikjun cupped her cheeks. 'Look at me, Chae Songhwa.'

'Let go of me, Ikjun-ah. I need you to let go of me this time.'

'No. We will get through this, Songhwa-ya. I promise. You will get through this; you must, you have to. And I will be with you, every step of the way.'

'No… I'm tired and sick of everything Ikjun-ah. It hurts. Everything hurts me, Ikjun-ah.'

'I know.' Ikjun fixed his gaze on hers. 'But you are the strongest person I have ever met in my entire life, Songhwa-ya.'

Songhwa lowered her head, letting her emotions rushed through her.

'You are strong, Chae Songhwa. And remember, you're not alone. You were never, and will never be alone. You have me, always. So if there's one thing I could ask of you for the rest of my life, I will only ask for you not to give up.'

'Don't give up, Chae Songhwa.' Ikjun wiped the tears and prevented them from falling off her face.

Ikjun bent on his knees, pressing his palms on Songhwa's before pulling them close to his chest. 'I need you not to give up because I'm not giving up on you either.'


'Even if it hurts, share your pain with me, Songhwa-ya. Hold my hand, don't be scared because I will never let go.'

'We will walk through this, I promise.'


Even when I'm down to my last breath.

Even when they say there's nothin' left.

Don't give up on me.

  • Winter Garden au -


The staccato beat of high heels shoes echoing off marble floors and granite walls as the poised and beautiful looking lady walked in the most elegant way possible through the long corridor. People had been staring ever since she got out of the ballroom. How would they not?

Jang Gyeoul.

The chief resident Jang Gyeoul.

Or so how many people would remember her to be.

A crown princess, the pride of General Surgery's thirteen fathers. The ace card.

Jang Gyeoul, her eyes light up brighter than stars in the darkest night. Looking into them was as fascinating as glancing up and admire the universe. Her smile is not something you will get tired of. It’s the most adorable thing one has ever seen in one whole life. She is intelligent, brave, and kind.

Jang Gyeoul, every line, curve, and angle of her face and body seamlessly put together to create something more beautiful than the sum of its part. Every single thing about her is so mesmerizing that anyone who sees her will not be able to turn their heads, irresistible.

The astonishing lady walked out of the main conference room towards the lobby. Every now and then, she would nod her head slightly and smile at people who looked at her and saluted her. It is a public fact that Jang Gyeoul is a fiancé to Ahn Jeongwon, a Professor from the pediatric department who also happensYulje hospital. Not infrequently, people change attitudes and become more respectful of him because he is dating an executive. Gyeoul is not very fond of that; she hates it, how everything feels changed after his relationship with Jeongwon boasted to the public’s ears. Even so, it did not falter the ground the two had built their love upon, not for a split second.

‘Gyeoul-ah!' greeted Lee Ikjun, someone who is like a father to Gyeoul. Jang Gyeoul's front guard. A father who would stand up and put a fist high in the air if he caught someone hurts Gyeoul in any way, even if it’s Jeongwon himself for some reason, Ikjun would not hesitate.

‘Gyosunim, people were looking for you at the ballroom and yet here you are stuffing your mouth full of chocolate cupcakes!’ Gyeoul laughed. Her chuckle was light, laced with a hum of amusement of that matter.

‘Ouh what a trouble. It’s always the same thing.’

‘What is?’ Gyeoul flicked as she stretched her hands to grab a small piece of the cake on the table.

‘The questions.’ Ikjun sucked his thumb, savouring the bit of taste of chocolate on it’s tip. ‘How’s life and everything. You know. All that sorts.’

‘Do you not fond of them asking all those questions?’

Ikjun rolled his eyes. ‘Do you, Gyeoul-ah?’

Gyeoul scrunched her nose whilst shaking her head, showing displeasure. Ikjun giggled at her response before shoving another bite into his mouth.

‘By the way, Gyeoul-ah. Congratulations!’

‘For what, gyosunim?’

‘The presentation!’ Ikjun placed down his plate on the table, allowing his hands free to give an applause. ‘You did well! It’s your first time giving one yet everyone in the room would’ve believed it if I say this was your 100th conference.’

Gyeoul flustered. ‘It all thanks to you, Gyosunim. Thank you for trusting me.’

Ikjun gave her a warm friendly smile. The kind of mixture of proud and caring smile he has always flashed her. However in contrast, Gyeoul replied with a long heavy sighed and frowning face.

‘If only he’d be here….’ Gyeoul murmured.

Ikjun stopped chewing, his eyes wandered from left to right. ‘He? Who? You were expecting someone else?’

‘Someone else?’ Gyeoul raised her eyebrows, and dazed herself. ‘N-no.. gyosunim. I wasn’t expecting someone else. You know who I was referring to, don’t you?’

Ikjun’s mouth left hangs open, his eyes twitching. ‘Y-yes… My best friend, the former priest…..’

Gyeoul smiled from ear to ear. A glimpse of Jeongwon’s smile popped out and it made her heart flip over a second. It has been four days long now that Jeongwon was away in Busan. Though a business trip isn’t something to his likings, still, Jeongwon lives up to his other role aside from being a doctor.

Gyeoul checked on her phone to see if Jeongwon left her any messages as he always does whenever they’re apart from each other. Despite his packed schedule, Jeongon would never miss a single call, three times a day as promised.

‘He didn’t call? Before your session, he didn’t call?’

Gyeoul shook her head in despair, a smile banished from her face.

‘Well he didn’t need to I guess.’ Ikjun said. His statement alone made Gyeoul stare at him intensely. Ikjun was enjoying this, teasing and being playful around her. ‘Yes I don’t think a call is necessary when he’s around.’

‘When he’s around?’

‘Yes.’ Ikjun giggled for who knows how many times that day. ‘Jeongwon gave you the biggest and loudest applause after your presentation. Didn’t you spot him somewhere in the crowd?’

‘I suppose I didn’t….’ Gyeoul’s pupils widened to its maximum capacity, he heart and senses felt as if it was back to normal once again. ‘B-but that wouldn’t be possible, he’s scheduled to be in Busan until tomorrow night.’

Ikjun averted his eyes a few times up to the figure standing behind Gyeoul without her realizing it. Ikjun tried to give her a hint yet the quarrel she was having with her own mind prevented her from noticing them.

‘Gyeoul-ah, if you don’t mind I have to go and see Songhwa. I promised to secure her a seat at dinner.’

‘Ah? Wae?’ Ikjun’s sudden movement and change of attitude snapped Gyeoul out of her mind as she quickly finished her refreshment.

‘Gyosunim wait. Let me come with you, I can help you look for Chae Songhwa gyosunim and we can-’

‘No!’ Ikjun insisted. Raising a hand to stop Gyeoul from taking another step. ‘Your dinner is that way.’ He pointed to behind her before fleeing to nowhere.

‘Aish what’s with the sudden-’

Gyeoul bumped herself to a tall strong figure as she turned around. The shape of the man was very recognizable to Gyeoul with just one touch. Her senses awoke right to the point where she sniffed to his scent that it caused fireworks to blast in her stomach.

The man loosely wrapped her arms around Gyeoul and pulled her in further to his grace. He stroked her back gently and kissed the top of her head. His fingers danced on her clothed back, though the layers stood between them and her skin yet it felt so intimate in his delicate touch.

‘Do you miss me?’

  • iksong AU -

[ Gongnyong Ridge ]

[Ahn Jeongwon; 11.45 am]

Guys? Any of you guys are free now?

It's urgent. I have to see the director.

[Ahn Jeongwon; 11.48 am]

I need help. Anyone?

[Ahn Jeongwon; 11.50 am]

I ordered fried chicken for our lunch, we will eat at Songhwa's office as usual, but can someone please take the order first at the lobby and give the man a tip?

Read by 2

[Ahn Jeongwon; 11.52 am]



A woman's greeting from the left made Ikjun stop whistling and turned to where the voice came from. With enthusiasm, he waved his hand, his gesture inviting her to come closer.

'Gyeoul-ah, this afternoon we have some free time. Please do take a break before we start a meeting later in the afternoon to discuss the plan for tomorrow's surgery.'

Instantly Gyeoul nodded her head in reply.

'Gyosunim, are you going out for lunch now?' Gyeoul asked as she kept pace with Ikjun's footsteps.

Ikjun wrinkled his brow then tugged on his ear slightly. 'Since when do I eat lunch outside? I always have my meals here.'

'At… Chase Songhwa gyosunim's office?' Gyeoul gave him a broad smile then giggled after seeing Ikjun blushing out of the blue. Professor Chae Songhwa's office is a multi-functional space. More often than not, it became a cafeteria or food court for the Gongnyong Ridge boys.

'Right then, off you go. I will see you in the meeting room later.' Ikjun made his final remarks before jogging his way in the opposite direction of Gyeoul towards the lobby. He continued to whistle as he tapped on his phone screen, checking if there are any incoming messages from the others, but none seemed to have responded to Jeongwon.

Ikjun began to slow down his footsteps, carefully scanning the lobby, looking for a figure with an attire that at least looked like the uniform of the restaurant where Jeongwon had ordered the food. His eyes caught a young man, seemingly in his twenties, with gray converse shoes, two paper bags in his hands, and a face indicating he was in search of someone.

Since no one else around appeared to be the deliveryman, Ikjun walked out straight in confidence to the young man. As he was about to take another step, Ikjun stopped, blinking a few times in his stiffening posture. Petrified in a split second, Ikjun came back to his senses and dashed forward.


'Ahn Jeongwon gyosunim?'

Songhwa giggled and shook her head. 'Ah! No, I'm his friend, Chae Songhwa. Ahn Jeongwon has something urgent coming up, and he sent me down to pick up the order from you.'

'Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know. I was told to deliver this to Ahn Jeongwon gyosunim.' the young man said, beaming at Songhwa.

'No problem, it's not your fault.' Songhwa smiled at him. 'Are these paid already?'

'Yes. All good. I only need to do the final checking and make sure everything you need is inside.' the young man informed her. He was doing the final check on the content inside right when someone lent a hand to hold the paper bag.

'Waah, this smells so good I can tell myself, drooling just by sniffing the aroma.' Ikjun said, friendly and warm as always. Ikjun offered to receive and hold the package, as in return, he used the other hand to slip an amount of tip to the young man's hand.

'Thank you.' Ikjun made his final remark. The young man brightly smiled at him and politely bowed before he left.

Ikjun watched Songhwa as she turned around, both hands on her white coat's pocket, gallantly walked to the direction where he had come from.

'Annyeong!' Ikjun patted her shoulder and peeped. Songhwa held back a smirk and playfully pushed him away. 'You didn't reply to Jeongwon's message. I didn't know you were coming downstairs to pick up the order. Why didn't you reply? If I knew you were coming then-'

'Then you wouldn't bother to come here.'

'No.' Ikjun tried to stop her. 'If I knew then, you wouldn't have to come all the way down just to get these after the meeting.'

Songhwa breathed. 'It doesn't matter. I need to get out of my office once in a while, too, getting some fresh air.' Though she tried her best to conceal it, her eyes spoke a thousand words. Some words that are only visible to Ikjun's eyes.

'Wae?' Ikjun blocked her way, stretching both of his arms. 'What's wrong? Did the meeting go well?'

'It did.'

'Then what went wrong?'


Songhwa wouldn't say a word afterward. Her lips were securely sealed. She caught a few glances at Ikjun, only to realize he had been staring at her the whole time. They stood in front of the elevator door, waiting for one to carry them upstairs.

The very least or minimal contact and skinship he could do in public whenever others are around and on duty is to stare, speaking a language only the two of them would understand. However, it didn't put any less to the amount of love and affection he gives to Songhwa. Ikjun could see her tired and weary eyes for being pretty much restless in the past few days.

The 'ding' sound coming from the metal door caused Ikjun to break his prolonged staring at Songhwa. She stepped in as soon as the door opened, Ikjun followed. A few people were already inside, causing the two to stand a little far from one another. Songhwa stood in the middle, at the very back. Ikjun was a few steps away, standing adjacent to the glass.

It took the elevator to stop at three floors to give Ikjun and Songhwa a little more space to move and breathe. Seizing the opportunity, Ikjun brushed his hand on Songhwa's as he shifted closer to her in that packed elevator. Songhwa felt Ikjun's hand against her right, and it felt as if he had passed an electric current and rush of energy to her; she liked it.

Ikjun tried his best to look natural, keeping his eyesight straight as his fingers stroked the back of Songhwa's pam. She did not turn to look at him, instead, biting her lower lips trying to suppress a smile. Ikjun slid his palm upward and interlocked his fingers with Songhwa's. A small gesture, yet the contact felt as if he had lit a thousand little fires on the back of her hand. He gently squeezed her hand in his, feeling the warmth of her temperature. Songhwa noticed his grin that caused her to broke out a subtle smile, squeezing Ikjun's hand tighter in response.

When the elevator reached their designated floor, the two waited until they were the last to exit the confined space. Ikjun pulled Songhwa's hand and made her walk side by side with him. Ikjun lifted their joined hands and softly kissed the back of Songhwa's hand.

'Should I ask them to eat downstairs instead?' Ikjun asked.

'Why would they do that?'

'So you can have the rest of lunch break to lay down and get some sleep for a bit?'

Songhwa rolled her eyes and scoffed as she pushed her office door open with her back. 'No, don't ask them to do that. It's okay, and I can still take a break after lunch. I have Seok-Min helping me with the work.'

'Besides, I have already passed my busy days this week. What is left to do is enjoy the rest of the week and sort out some reports.' Songhwa continued, leaning against the table, folding her arms as she watched Ikjun prepare the food.

'But you will be busy until next week.' Songhwa pouted. Sadness clouded her features.

'No one is ever too busy with anything.' Ikjun stopped what he was doing and avert his attention to Songhwa. 'I may get a little busier than I used to, but you know me, don't you?'

She nodded.

'I'm always hanging around this hospital no matter how busy my schedule is. I know where your office is. I also know the way to your office, so I can come whenever I want.'

Songhwa nodded again. This time she threw herself away to look up to the ceiling, avoiding Ikjun's eye contact.

Ikjun headed towards Songhwa, putting them in close proximity so that there was hardly any space between them.

Ikjun leaned down, using his hand to brush some of her hair behind her ear. His hand, however, didn't leave the crook of her neck as he tilted his face towards her. Ikjun started fast, then stopping, having their lips centimeters apart from each other.

Using both of his strong hands, Ikjun lifted her and made her sit on the desk. In response, Songhwa's legs began to surround Ikjun as he pulled her closer by the waist.

On the second Ikjun pressed his lips against hers, footsteps can be heard from the hallways outside.

'Gongnyong Ridge,' Songhwa whispered.


'Did you check? Did they say they were coming?'

Songhwa immediately pushed Ikjun's shoulder, making him almost slip. In the nick of time, without warning, the door slammed wide opened.

'Lunch!' Kim Junwan excitedly clapping his hands with eyes pinned on the foods. Junwan took a small piece of chicken skin and chewed it vigorously.

'Wah, this tastes surprisingly good. I didn't know they had a barbecue flavor. I love thi-'

Junwan's expression hardened, terror overtook his face as he gave Songhwa a strange look.



'Why are you sitting at the table?'


  • iksong au -



That day Ikjun stood there, in front of the entrance of a restaurant in the Myeongdong area, with his eyes drawn to the most dreadful, unpleasant view to ever exist.

If time was to blame, then at that time Ikjun shouldn't have been standing there. Ikjun shouldn't have come and witnessed everything. If only he had decided to stay a little longer at the hospital to take care of that patient, he wouldn't have to see Songhwa getting hurt. Because just like what happened now, he felt he would not be able to forgive himself, not now, not ever.

They had a huge fight. A fight that should never have happened, for it only made things worse. Songhwa cried, she shouted, and all that was left was the anger that had blackened on their chest.


Ikjun’s sharp black eyes flicked through the laptop screen, tracing lines by lines on a document file as he diligently studied them. Over the past few days he had been preparing his presentation materials for the symposium to be held later on the weekend.

His fountain pen rested lazily in his hand, occasionally he would press it on a piece of paper next to his laptop, and wrote down some notes he felt he needed to remember.

Songhwa however, was the complete opposite. In the bedroom across the living room, by herself.

Songhwa opened her eyes, eyelids fluttering slightly as she began to wake up. Glancing to her left, Songhwa had wished to hear his breathing and see him sleeping peacefully next to her.

As if her wishes weren’t granted.

She was greeted by the somewhat infuriating sight of cold empty sheets and pillows sprawled all over the top of the bed.

It was vacant.

Ikjun wasn’t there.

Songhwa rolled over to her side again, yawning as she sat up right. Ikjun’s oversized sweater, which once belonged to Ikjun, falls onto her lap, down pooling just right above her knees.

‘Ikjun-ah?’ she called, a raspy sleep-ridden voice coming out of her mouth. Yet again, she was greeted by silence instead.

After a second, vividly Songhwa could hear the sound of soft typing coming out of a laptop across the living room as she threw back the blanket. The cold breezing air hits her bare legs in an instant. Songhwa tugged strands of hair behind her ear, revealing her tired face.

She creeped out of bed, didn’t even bother to put her slippers on. Songhwa walked past the living room, not forgetting to shop a glance at the clock on the wall

2.11 am.

Negative thoughts that filled Songhwa's mind, which, like many aspects of the concurrent situation, irritated her even further.

Songhwa peered into Ikjun’s study room, squinting at the bright light blazing from his laptop. Lee Ikjun, sitting there with his glasses on, in his black t-shirt and sweatpants, flashing his side profile at her.

‘Ikjun-ah…’ Songhwa called.

Getting himself too immersed in his work, Ikjun could barely hear the soft low tone calling his name.

Songhwa decided to come up to him. A small gesture, she placed a hand on Ikjun’s shoulder that caused him to flinch, his eyes widened.

‘Ah Songhwa-ya.. you scared me.’ Ikjun jumped a little.

Mianhae… I didn’t mean to.’

Ikjun let out a long sigh before pushing back his chair, giving some space for Songhwa. Ikjun adjusted his specs and looked at her before opening his arms wide. ‘Come here.’

Songhwa yawned and sank herself in his arms, sitting on his lap as her legs dangling over the side of the chair. Ikjun observed her, in a way of trying to figure out why you were awake.

‘It’s two in the morning.’ he said softly, pulling Songhwa close to caress her back.

‘I know, it should be me reminding you that...’ Songhwa yawned. ‘Will you come to bed?’ you whispered against his clothes collarbone.

‘No. Not yet. I have to finish this.’ Ikjun replied, turning his head to the side for a better view of his laptop screen, checking.

‘But you will still have another two days to finish everything.’

‘The sooner the better.’ Ikjun firmly said.

Arasseo.’ Songhwa sighed. ‘If you say so.’

Feeling like a deflated balloon, Songhwa did not bother to try or protest any further and ended up giving him more pressure. Songhwa got off Ikjun’s lap, walking away, fully aware of his eyes watching until she completely disappeared behind the door.

Back into the bedroom, Songhwa tawny again and let herself sink into the cold mattress. This time, she intentionally shifted on Ikjun’s pillow, calming herself with his scent.

‘If only you were here with me, Ikjun-ah.’ she murmured, crawled up to herself in the dark. The room was cold, colder than usual now that Ikjun wasn't there.

Unfortunately, instead of being with Songhwa, Ikjun preferred to keep typing and working as if the writings on the laptop screen were a matter of life and death in the operating room.

Things changed. Some for the better, some for worse.

She told him many times that what happened was not his fault. Things were meant to occur for some reason. Moreover it’s in the past, how wonderful it would be if Ikjun could just shrug it off his shoulder.

Songhwa never wanted to blame him, she could never be mad at him, especially for the things he didn’t do. The battle was more of Ikjun and himself. His guilt, for not being there when Songhwa needed him the most.

Songhwa stared blankly at the wall, lying there for who knows how long. She slowly blinked as drifting off to sleep, that was when all the sudden two strong arms wrapped around her waist from behind.


‘You’re on my side of the bed, Songhwa-ya.’ Ikjun whispered. Immediately she turned in his arms and stared deeply into his dark eyes.

In response Ikjun leaned forward to plant a soft kiss on Songhwa’s lips before propping himself up on the side and used his free hand to stroke Songhwa’s back.

‘I’m sorry.’

Songhwa flinched. ‘What for?’

‘Everything.’ Ikjun lowered his head. ‘I’m sorry for everything that ever hurt you.’

Songhwa positioned herself to sit up. Placing her index finger below Ikjun’s chin, lift his head up to look at her. By the time he did, Songhwa cupped his face and pulled him in. Ikjun hid his face on the crook of her neck, breathing onto her skin.

‘I love you, Songhwa-ya…’ his voice cracked. ‘I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you.’

Songhwa’s heart bleed for the man with his arms tightly wrapped around her tiny figure, as if he were to loosen, she’d disappear into thin air.

‘You’re here now, Ikjun-ah. ‘You’re always there for me. And I couldn’t be more thankful.’ She tried to hold back the tears from falling. ‘What happened was not your fault. Promise me you’ll stop blaming on yourself, Ikjun-ah.’

‘I promise.’

As she always does, Songhwa assured him. Swiftly he pulled the blanket to cover the two of them, before pressing his head on Songhwa’s neck, burying himself as they slowly drifted off to sleep.


Some wounds remain,

but better yet,

love will always find a way.

  • iksong AU-

'Whom did you lose a bet with this time?' Ikjun mocked him, sliding himself a few seats away from Dr. Bong.

'Aish! That is obviously not the main problem here; let me borrow 15.000 won now, jebal!' the man named Bong Kwang-Hyeon got on his knees, clenched his hands, and wagged them up in the air. He spent nearly fifteen minutes now begging for a sum of money to his friend, the witty prankster Lee Ikjun from the General Surgery department.

'Ikjun-ah, you know me, alright? I promise to return it tomorrow.' Dr. Bong pleaded, sounded a bit more pathetic this time with a low, almost inaudible whining.

Ikjun looked at him with disgust. Even so, out of pity, Ikjun took a light brown leather wallet out of his pocket. His face was enough to show his unwillingness to lend them money, though it disappeared once he began to count them before giving it to Dr. Bong.

'You owe me this, and one iced americano.' Ikjun declared. Out of surprise, Dr. Bong almost slipped down the stairs if Ikjun's deft hand did not hook on his white coat.

'What's with the iced americano? I never borrowed one from you.'

Ikjun scrunched his nose and left his mouth hanging open. 'Since when do we start borrowing foods? The only thing you can do with it is to consume it, no? And besides, that iced americano you got from Songhwa last week? That was supposed to be mine.'

'Ah, jinja, this guy. You're unbelievable.' Dr. Bong rolled out his eyes but still gave Ikjun a forced smile as he took the money out of the cocky gyosunim's hand. Ikjun was left cackling at his friend's reactions.

'Now, what on earth are you still roaming around the hospital at this time of the day?' the curious Dr. Bong asked, getting himself up and sitting next to Ikjun on the staircase.

Midnight blue deepens over a broad and starlit sky outside. It was past midnight, not to mention it was also way past Ikjun's shift time that made anyone who saw him hanging around the hospital that night might be wondering, as what Dr. Bong just did.

'It is not likely that you're on call… so there's only one possible reason for this.'

Ikjun raised and waggled his eyebrows; he smiled at his friend and turned into a fresh tomato. Needless to say, an image of the sweet smile on Chae Songhwa's face just flashed through Ikjun's mind. As if an automatic button that seemed to change Ikjun's face color from white-ish to blushing automatically.

'I know… there's only one person who can turn Lee Ikjun's frown upside down, and that person is now in the OR. I get it. No need to say more.' Dr. Bong raised his hand, nodding his head as he laughed. 'Yaa Ikjun-ah, you're.. what is that term young people use nowadays… er….. whiplash?'

'Yaa, keep it PG… Ouh…' Ikjun sneered.


'Huh? Cream?' Ikjun tilted his head.

'Whipped cream?'

Ikjun threw his head back and started laughing in an uncontrolled way. His laugh was so contagious, though later, it resonated more like an evil cackle. 'Yaa… it's whipped, the term you were referring to.'

'I did say that.' Dr. Bong was left dumbfounded. 'Anyways, regardless of what the term is, all I'm saying is that you're madly in love with her, Lee Ikjun. The two of you are meant for one another.'

Ikjun pursed his lips before letting them slowly turn into a warm smile. 'I am madly in love with her Kwanghyeon-ah. Songhwa and Uju are the best things that ever happened to me. I love the two of them to pieces.'

'Now, when will you two announce this? Sooner or later, people will start to wonder.'

Ikjun let out a long sigh, staring up to the ceiling. 'A lot of things are going to change for both of us. I don't want to rush things out and make it uncomfortable for her. I will be ready whenever she's ready.'

Dr. Bong smiled softly before lightly tapping on Ikjun's shoulder. Ikjun has always been the most gentle, caring, loving, and patient one to almost everyone, moreover to the one and only Chae Songhwa.

'Right then, off you go. She should be done soon.' Dr. Bong stood up, stepping down the stairs as he spoke. 'Take good care of her always, Ikjun-ah. Our emergency department, including me, we are the best, fastest, and bravest team to face situations that are less… wearing. Hence, I need to remind you that we will not hesitate to march to your office with all the sharp and painful medical equipment to interrogate you if any. of us found Songhwa crying and heartbroken because of you.'

A cold wave embalmed him as the hairs rose on the back of his neck and his mouth ran dry. Ikjun chuckled doubtfully. 'I can assure you that will never happen; you have my words.' Dr. Bong stuck his tongue out before fleeing for his life, leaving Ikjun alone as he sprinted his way to the emergency station.

Checking his watch, Ikjun decided to go back to Songhwa's office, remembering that her operation will be finished soon. As a matter of fact, Ikjun could have gone home first, but he chose to stay and wait for Songhwa. Songhwa never asked for such great attention; Ikjun would always keep waiting for Songhwa and drive her home, even in the early hours.

Upon entering Songhwa's office, Ikjun headed straight for the kettle. He filled in just enough water and waited for it to boil as he stood by the table, looking through the window. His eyes widened, letting a small gasp as it started to drizzle outside. The weather forecast that day did not show any signs of rain at midnight, a surprise for Ikjun and everyone in the city.

Ikjun is a natural at brewing teas now, coming to aware that tea is second on the list of Songhwa's favorite refreshment to have post-work or in the morning for breakfast. He poured some water onto the magnolia-patterned teapot, along with a teabag in hot water, and waited for another three minutes.

He took a few steps back to get a better view of the perfect night scenery—raindrops against the background of the sparkling night lights of Seoul.

'She would love to see this.' Ikjun whispered to himself.

Getting immersed in what the view had to offer, Ikjun did not realize he left the door open, and he could barely hear the sound of creeping footsteps coming in his direction.

In a second, Songhwa flung herself behind Ikjun and circled her arms around Ikjun's body, pulling him back into her embrace. Songhwa felt her guts come alive with the flutter of thousands of butterflies in her stomach as she started to engulf his scent.

Songhwa let her weight sank against Ikjun's back, pressing her cheeks on him as she continued to wrap her arms from behind him, not letting him go.

'Thank you for always waiting for me, Ikjun-ah.'

She buried her face on Ikjun's back, getting shy.

Ikjun couldn't stop smiling as he could feel her warmth against him. Ikjun let her have him in that position for a moment while he was softly caressing the back of her hands tied, pressing on his stomach.

'It's been a long day.' Ikjun's voice sounded reverberating through his compact body in Songhwa's ears.

'It is.' she replied, looking up before went back to rest her head on Ikjun's back. 'It must've been tiring for you too, Ikjun-ah. You started early this morning and had to stay up late waiting for me.'

Ikjun freed himself from Songhwa's embrace, only to turn around and face her. This time, holding her in his grace. Ikjun cupped her face, stroking her cheeks with both of his thumbs before gently pulled her in, giving a tender kiss on her forehead.

He looked into her eyes for a few seconds before he tightened his hand in hers, using the other one to keep on caressing the bare skin of her neck and collarbone.

Songhwa placed her hand on Ikjun's chest once Ikjun brushed his lips against hers. Their mouths moved as one in a slow dancing rhythm of lips and tongues. Shared breaths and hears in a union.

Ikjun pulled apart, and their eyes locked one more time. 'Why did you stop?' she muttered, tiptoed as she tried to touch Ikjun's lips again.

Ikjun lowered his head, giving a peck on her lips before breathing into her. 'The tea... it's getting cold.'

Songhwa laughed, then freed herself from Ikjun and went for the tea. Songhwa leaned on the cabinet while her eyes pinned on Ikjun, watching him picked up his cellphone, busy tapping on the screen.

Ikjun played a song.

Their song.

Songhwa carefully placed down the cup before crossing her arms upon her chest. 'What are you doing?' She couldn't hold back her giggles.

Ikjun took her hand and led her to the center of the room, pretending to have it as their dance floor. It was not the first, yet she could've sworn her heart flutters every single time.

He rested his hands on Songhwa's hips, holding her close as she lingered her arms around Ikjun's neck. Following his lead, they began to sway in time to the music.

'You look perfect tonight.'

Songhwa rolled her eyes. 'Yaa... I just performed a six hours surgery. If I were to resemble something now, that is certainly not a Disney princess but rather a hideous troll.'

Ikjun gazed right into her eyes. 'I have faith in what I see. Now I know I have met an angel in person. And she looks perfect.'

Songhwa's face was getting warmer, and her heart felt like it was going to burst through her chest as lovebirds on their first date.

They held each other close as they swayed together. Ikjun wasn't even aware of the music playing in the background anymore; all that mattered was Songhwa. Ikjun used his hand to hold her even closer, let out a soft chuckle when Songhwa gasped slightly.

Songhwa's knees had gotten so weak as their faces were so close that their noses grazed together. She closed her eyes and simply letting all of her sinking in Ikjun's arms.

'If this is a dream, don't wake me up.' she said, nuzzling into Ikjun's neck.

'And if it is not a dream, then I don't want this to come to an end.'

Baby, I'm dancing in the dark, with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

I have faith in what I see

Now I know I have met an angel in person

And she looks perfect

I don't deserve this

You look perfect tonight


//law au//

I knew I'd fall in love with you The day we first met Even if you start to shake From our love fading over time Then I'll hold onto you, just like you did for me

‘Apa-apaan sih?’ gerutu Songhwa yang tiba-tiba kesel denger lagu yang diputer di radio pagi itu. Tangannya spontan sibuk mengganti saluran radio lain, gak jelas juga apa yang dicari, pokoknya selama itu bukan lagu cinta-cintaan.

Pagi itu jalanan Seoul lebih rame dari biasanya. Gak tahu kenapa, tapi namanya ibukota ya pasti sibuk, di kota besar kayaknya hampir ga mungkin jalanan ga dipadati kendaraan setiap paginya, apalagi hari kerja. Kalau sore juga jangan ditanya, macetnya bisa bikin emosi, literally kepala lo bisa meledak.

Yang lagi duduk di kursi kemudi, yang benci banget sama lagu percintaan ini namanya Chae Songhwa. Orangnya pinter, pake banget. Cantik, pake banget juga. Orangnya tekun, pekerja keras, gesit, jujur, berwibawa, berani, tangguh... apalagi ya? Ah, pokoknya segala fitur karyawan terbaik ada di Songhwa. Plus, not to mention, dia salah satu ace lawyer kesayangan dan andalannya Bae & Ko LLC.

Singkat cerita law firm ini salah satu yang terbesar and the most reputable in South Korea. Diliat dari track record of past cases dan prestasinya, law firm ini seringkali menang di kasus-kasus besar yang melibatkan banyak orang penting dan perusahaan besar.

Songhwa masih terus sabar nunggu giliran untuk maju. Udah hampir setengah jam mobilnya stagnan, diam di tempat yang sama. Padahal sebentar lagi udah mau sampai kantor.

Si ace lawyer ini terus melamun dengan pandangan kosong yang mengarah pada plat nomor mobil yang ada di depan. Gak tau kenapa yang ditatap harus platnya, kebetulan aja matanya berhenti disitu.

Telepon dengan nada dering seperti alarm kebakaran itu menyadarkan Songhwa dari lamunannya. Kaget, ia langsung memencet tombol hijau di layar stereo mobil untuk mengangkat telepon.

‘Hai sayang.’ sapa suara laki-laki di ujung telepon.

‘HEH! Sembarangan aja....’

Si laki-laki disana tertawa. ‘Iya iyaa maaaf, bercandaa. Hahahh.... Oh iya, Lo dimana? Tumbenan banget belum sampe.’

‘Jalan, udah deket nih... tapi macet banget. Ga ngerti ada apa di depan.’

‘Kecelakaan kali?’

‘Gak tau. Iya kali... tapi semoga engga deh. Ribet urusannya nanti.’ Songhwa cuma angkat bahu sambil berusaha liat jauh ke depan. ‘Lo udah sampe kantor ya? Kok tumben...’

‘Baru aja sampe, gue salah set alarm jadi kepagian hahah... Tapi santai aja sih, ga ada apa-apa juga kok, cuma rapat biasa untuk decide team sama bos besar kan?’

‘Iya sih. Tapi tetep aja rasanya a bit off kalau gue telat. Doain ini cepet maju.’

‘Iyaa iyaa.. ya udah yang penting drive safely ya. Gue tunggu di base kita.’

‘Iyaa oke. See you in a bit.’

Itu barusan Kim Junwan. Salah satu sahabat Songhwa sejak kuliah. Junwan baru pindah ke Bae & Ko sejak hampir dua tahun lalu. Jangan salah, kariernya di firm sebelumnya cukup bagus. Junwan juga pengacara hebat, ia terkenal karena caranya yang lihai dalam berargumentasi. Orangnya pinter ngomong, saking pinternya sampe bisa bikin pihak lawan semata-mata ciut dan keliatan, maaf, bego banget.

Setelah hampir satu jam kesabarannya diuji di lampu merah utama Hannam-dong akhirnya Songhwa sampai di gedung megah, mewah, dan exclusive itu.

Tanpa mempedulikan kanan dan kiri Songhwa langsung naik ke lantai delapan belas. Ke Base. Jadi awalnya ini ruang semacam ruang serba guna, view nya bagus, langsung mengarah ke Hannam Bridge. Lama-kelamaan tempat itu jadi tempat geng Songhwa berkumpul, kadang juga dipakai untuk rapat atau sekedar diskusi santai bareng anak-anak magang.

‘There you are!’ sambut Junwan yang langsung menyodorkan americano dingin pada Songhwa. Junwan emang paling tau, perhatian juga dan paling bisa urusan hal-hal sweet ke kaum hawa, walau kadang orang yang belum kenal pasti kira dia segalak anjing Spike yang ada di Tom & Jerry. Gak salah sih, menurut pengakuan Do Jaehak anak didiknya, bahkan lebih galak dari si Spike.

‘Thank you.’ kata Songhwa lesu sambil menghempaskan tubuh di sofa panjang dan terus duduk sambil menyeruput minuman segar yang dipegangnya.

‘Diliat-liat ada yang begadang nih kayaknya.’ sindir Junwan. Songhwa hanya terkekeh dan menganggukan kepala.

‘Abisnya penasaran banget, jadi terus lanjut ke episode lanjutannya. You know how it is. Lo tau kan gimana rasanya penasaran sama cerita di drama, pokoknya lo harus beresin sampe episode terakhir in one sitting.’

Junwan sebetulnya udah bodo amat sama urusan drama atau apalah itu. Tapi itu kebisaan Songhwa, setelah berminggu-minggu atau bahkan bulanan yang penuh sama hectic nya kerjaan, she treats herself by going for a camping atau ya gitu maraton drama sampe bego. Kecuali di saat-saat dulu masih in relationship sama si mantan, Songhwa biasanya keluar untuk berkencan di akhir pekan. Tapi setelah entah karena apa hubungan itu kandas begitu aja, semua hal dan urusan menghibur diri dilakukan Songhwa sendirian.

‘Lo udah punya mata empat ya please. Daripada nambahin minus mata, lo bisa telepon gue atau Jeongwon atau Seokhyeong atau Ikjun mungkin, atau siapa lah yang lo kenal buat temenin lo! Daripada cuma duduk, rebahan sambil ngemil dan nonton sampe mata lo perih mending jalan-jalan. Ya ga sih?’

‘Enggak.’ jawab Songhwa, polos. Sejujurnya dia emang ga pernah tertarik sama hal-hal nongkrong atau kumpul-kumpul begitu, boros uang katanya. Padahal sekalinya belanja online udah kayak mau borong toko.

Junwan tau dia ga bisa beradu argumen sama Songhwa, soalnya pasti kalah. Women are always right, ya walaupun kadang suka ke kiri juga sih. Jadi ia memilih untuk diam saja, ga memperpanjang urusan.

‘Oh iya, ini kasus apa sih? Lo udah ada hint atau apa gitu?’ tanya Songhwa yang tiba-tiba penasaran. ‘Kenapa harus ada rapat khusus dan ngumpulin kita-kita gini?’

‘Completely clueless. No idea.’

Songhwa kembali menghempaskan diri ke belakang, bersandar dan meliat ke langit-langit di atas. ‘Gila. Ini pasti something big gak sih?’


‘Kalau team nya? Lo tau? Siapa aja?’ tanya Songhwa lagi. Kali ini Junwan ga memberikan reaksi apapun, hanya diam.

‘Hallo? Wey... Yaaa Kim Junwan!’ Songhwa memiringkan badan dan menatap Junwan dengan penuh curiga. ‘Gue yakin lo tau kan? Siapa? Selain kita.... siapa lagi?’

‘Soal itu gue ga bisa kasih tau. Lagian sebentar lagi lo juga bakal tau kok orangnya siapa.’

Songhwa cuma bisa menghela napas dan menutup mata sejenak. Pikirannya ga sedang kacau, mungkin belum, tapi dampak dari paksain diri untuk maraton delapan episode satu malam adalah badannya yang kurang fit dan segar, seakan-akan membuat otak tumpul.

‘Ngomong-ngomong...’ celetuknya. ‘Ini yang lain pada kemana sih? Tumben banget kantor ga seribut biasanya pagi gini.’

‘Ohh, pada banyak yang langsung ke court, yaa itu katanya hari ini macet banget dan kebetulan banyak yang dapet jadwal sidang pagi. So mereka izin langsung kesana.’

‘I see.’ jawab Songhwa.

Tidak seling sekitar sepuluh detik setelah itu, pintu kembali terbuka dan kali ini sosok pria tampan nan gagah dan berwibawa menapakkan kaki masuk ke dalam ruangan. Rambutnya hitam pekat ditata rapi ke atas, forehead exposed, setelannya Ermenegildo Zegna Bespoke berwarna hitam pekat yang dibuat secara khusus sesuai bentuk dan ukuran tubuh si pengacara kondang itu.

Songhwa menolehkan pandangannya ke arah si pria tampan itu. Jika pertahanannya kurang bagus, Songhwa mungkin akan seperti wanita-wanita lain yang literally di lantai setiap kali Ikjun lewat.

Iya, pengacara top notch itu biasa dipanggil Ikjun. Lee Ikjun. Bisa dibilang ini adalah Songhwa versi cowok. Ga perlu dijelasin gimana hebatnya seorang Lee Ikjun ini, si anak emas kesayangan Tuan Ko ini memiliki julukan si ‘legal eagle’ atau seringnya juga dipanggil dengan sebutan ‘si elang’ karena kemampuannya menganalisis yang sangat tinggi, dan, karena matanya yang selalu teliti dan tidak pernah melewatkan petunjuk serta fakta, tidak peduli sekecil apapun itu.

‘Brooo!’ sapa Junwan yang langsung menjabat tangan Ikjun. A little fun fact, mereka bertiga sahabat karib sejak kuliah dulu. Sebetulnya masih ada dua orang lagi, hanya saja mereka tidak bekerja di firma yang sama.

‘Congratulations for winning another case.’ puji Junwan. ‘Gila. Ini berarti kasus ke berapa yang lu menangin tahun ini ya? Bener-bener sih si ace yang satu ini luar biasa banget!’

‘Ah, bisa aja lo. But thanks anyway. Lo juga ga kalah hebat kali.’ Ikjun cuma bisa terkekeh. Ia bersandar pada meja kaca besar gak jauh di depan dimana Songhwa sedang duduk. Ia beberapa kali melirik Songhwa yang keliatan ga ada interest sama sekali dengan hadirnya Ikjun di ruangan itu.

‘And you too, congrats for successfully wrapping it all last week.’ lempar Ikjun yang jelas-jelas ditujukan ke wanita cantik dengan setelan serba putih yang lagi duduk di sofa menghadap ke jendela itu.

‘Thanks.’ jawab Songhwa singkat.

‘Gue ga nyangka ternyata masalahnya jauh lebih besar dari yang kita perkirakan sebelumnya. Yang awalnya se-simple perkara wanprestasi jadinya masuk ke embezzlement itu gila banget sih.’ lanjut Ikjun yang masih terus berusaha memulai percakapan dengan si wanita itu.

Songhwa hanya menarik napas panjang dan senyum, menganggukan kepalanya. Sama sekali ga ada ketertarikan buat lanjutin percakapan itu dengan Ikjun.

By the way, ini kita meeting jam berapa sih? Kita ga harus ke ruangan bos besar sekarang? Ini udah jam delapan lewat loh...’

Junwan langsung melirik ke arah jam dan mengiyakan. ‘Wanna go now?’


Songhwa mengambil tas nya, lalu beranjak sambil terus menyeruput kopi dingin yang dipegangnya sejak tadi. Ia tersenyum Ikjun. ‘Bye. Gue sama Junwan rapat dulu. Lo jangan pecicilan.’ Ikjun hanya mengangguk macam anak kecil yang menuruti perintah ibunya sehabis dimarahi karena nangis merengek minta mainan.

Songhwa terus berjalan sembari mengecek handophone nya. Bola matanya bergerak dari kiri dan kanan, sibuk membaca pesan.

‘Lawyer Hwang?’ tanya Junwan sembarangan. Kadang mulutnya memang selicin itu.

‘Lo lagi bercanda?’

‘Enggak.’ ia tertawa kecil. ‘Minggu lalu baru aja gue ketemu dia di restoran Jepang di seberang jalan itu tuh.’ lanjutnya sambil menujuk ke arah seberang.

‘Di sungai?’ sahut Songhwa.

‘Ya enggak lah, gila. Maksudnya.... di seberang disana, yang itu tuh, favorit lo itu.’ si bawel Junwan masih terus meracau. ‘Tempat first date lo berdua kan?’

Songhwa tersentak dan berhenti beberapa detik untuk memberikan Junwan tatapan sinis yang tajamnya menusuk hingga rongga dada sebelum ia lanjut berjalan dengan sangat cepat ke ruangan bos besar dan meninggalkan si bawel jauh di belakang.

‘Hey... Yaa Chae Songhwa! Gue ga maksud apa-apa, sorry sorryyyyy! Yaaa!!!’ teriak Junwan ambil berusaha mengejar Songhwa.

Ruangan kantor utama bos besar yang dimaksud itu ruangan Tuan Bae. The none other Bae Hyun-Joon seorang pengacara kawakan legendaris yang pernah berhasil memenangkan salah satu kasus investasi bodong yang sempat menggemparkan seluruh negeri ginseng pada masanya. Ibu dari Songhwa adalah sahabat dari Tuan Bae, tapi memilih pensiun lebih dini karena katanya ingin menikmati hidup tanpa beban. Yaah, itu sih sekedar cerita singkat lainnya mana tau ada yang bertanya-tanya.

Songhwa memasuki ruangan dan langsung dengan gembira berjalan ke arah Tuan Bae untuk memberikan salam.

‘Chae Songhwa.’ sebut seseorang yang disapa bos besar itu. ‘Bagaimana kabarmu, nak? Kau baik-baik saja kan?’

‘Iya. Never been better, paman.’ jawabnya ramah.

‘Selamat atas kemenanganmu minggu lalu. Aku dibanjiri begitu banyak pujian, padahal seharusnya itu semua tertuju padamu ya...’

Songhwa hanya tertawa. ‘Ah, sungguh itu bukan apa-apa, paman.’

Sejak lulus kuliah dulu sampai di puncak kariernya sekarang Songhwa emang selalu jadi andalan Tuan Bae. Ilmu dan kemampuannya sudah gak diragukan lagi. Tuan Bae sendiri juga adalah orang yang langsung jadi mentor Songhwa, dengan harapan suatu saat nanti anak didiknya ini bisa menjadi penerus yang lebih hebat.

‘Oh iya, aku hari ini meminta kau dan temanmu datang karena aku akan menunjuk satu team yang akan menangani kasus yang.... well, bisa dibilang ini bukan sesuatu yang besar. Tapi, klien ini memintaku secara khusus untuk diberikan pengacara terbaik yang aku miliki, maka dari itu, aku akan menjatuhkan urusan kasus ini kepadamu, Chae Songhwa.’

Mata Songhwa langsung berbinar-binar. Baginya selalu jadi suatu kehormatan untuk dipercaya menangani kasus yang diberikan langsung oleh Tuan Bae, regardless besar atau kecil nya kasus itu, kalau diberi langsung oleh Tuan Bae pasti melibatkan klien penting.

‘Aku akan berusaha semaksimal mungkin paman. Aku tidak akan mengecewakanmu.’ kata Songhwa dengan sangat yakin.

‘Aku tahu itu.’ Tuan Bae tersenyum lebar.

‘Tapi paman, kalau boleh tahu, apakah paman sudah menentukan anggota team yang lain?’

Tuan Bae mengangguk, melirik ke arah Junwan. ‘Ini salah satunya.’

‘D-dan... yang lainnya, paman?’

Tuan Bae duduk bersandar di kursi kebesarannya. Seketika saja, pintu terbuka dan sekretaris Tuan Bae mempersilahkan orang itu untuk masuk. Songhwa berbalik dan matanya terbelalak mendapati sosok yang baru saja memasuki ruangan itu. Hati dan pikirannya tidak ingin percaya fakta yang harus diterimanya, tapi matanya tidak bisa berbohong.

Dari sekian banyak pengacara yang bekerja di kantor ini...

Kenapa Tuhan, kenapa?

‘Dia.’ jawab Tuan Bae.

‘Dia yang akan membantumu dan Junwan.’