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I receive calls for information all of the time, though I think it's stupid enough: I may not understand what is happening. I, clearly, information, but I do not take someone else's money in the direction – it has already some form of transaction. Trading is like poker. Due to how you've got some information, in 51% of cases you need to win. Therefore, in the event you play 10,000 games, you win on average. It is also like Starcraft or Warcraft, since you need to sit and focus. Many gamers and poker players became dealers. One Japanese man was a professional of Starcraft initially, and then he made a lot of money on the stock exchange. There is a lot of advertising now offering to learn how to operate with securities and get rich very quickly. Some young guy dreams of money, he receives such advertisements, he goes into the stock market and very quickly loses what. The simple fact is that the financial industry – is a substantial expense on the upkeep of the stock market, brokers, analytical businesses, it's an industry that feeds on the money of traders, the majority of whom are newcomers. This is what novice traders are known as –“young currency”.Nobody claims that risk is always proportional to gain. People who plan to earn 100 percent per year ought to be ready to get rid of everything. If people were to utilize this information, they would be better able instead of coming to the stock exchange by viewing a couple of YouTube videos. But then there are few novices, and they'd act very carefully. That is why CEX.IO Broker was made due to the need to allow market participants to gain from both rising and falling prices for cryptocurrencies.