Character a Day 2021: Dungeon Crawl Classics – Day 1

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I just picked up Dungeon Crawl Classics as an add-on for the Empire of the East Kickstarter. I've never played it, but heard a lot about it, so considering that I wanted to get Empire of the East for background information, along with Lankhmar, I figured I might as well get the base game too.

From first glance, it's a lot different than other games that I've played- a lot of it is random. And not just in a 'roll your stats and class' kind of random way- but a 'default character creation is to create many characters and send them through a funnel' kind of way.

This one, I think is going to be a bit different because of that- I'm going into this not knowing what the end character will look like. I'm just going to create a character for the funnel, and see how it turns out.

I have an idea if I like the game, I might run some for myself solo just to see how it turns out.

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