Character a Day 2021: Dungeon Crawl Classics – Day 3

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This is definitely a hail back to older ages, and some things I discarded even then. I suppose the fast character creation is a nod to the funnel that the characters have to go through- why waste time on a character that probably won't survive. But it's a lot different than the qualities I look for in a character creation system.

On to the system itself, since I'd never seen it- the dice chain is a novel idea, at least on paper. Basically, you have the dice ordered from smallest to largest, and though there are modifiers, when they become high enough, you promote to the next die in the chain. So if I was rolling a d20 to attack, and had enough modifiers, I'd roll a d24 instead. That brings me to the problem- I had a hard time telling the difference between some of the dice, so I think it would get to be a bit much in play.

But even more to deal with- the tables. There are tables for everything. That's an exaggeration, but not by much. I really don't know how you'd deal with that in play. I guess a good screen would help, but with so many spells having tables, there's no way to fit them all on a screen.

Reading a bit more about the funnel, I'm not sure there's a way to solo it. I'm also not sure that I'd ever actually run it, though I might play in it. The material is awesome, but not so sure about the system.

Final Build

Name: Alin Bexley

Strength: 11 (+0) Agility: 14 (+1) Ref: +1 Stamina: 13 (+1) Fort: +1 Personality: 15 (+1) Will: +1 Intelligence: 17 (+2) Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven Luck: 14 (+1) Bountiful Harvest: Hit Points

Hit Points: 4 Wealth: 38 Copper Experience: 0 XP Occupation: Outlaw (Shortsword, Leather Armor) Alignment: Neutral Equipment: Flint & Steel