Character a Day 2021: Eclipse Phase: Transhumanity's Fate – Day 1

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Transhumanity's Fate is an excellent resource for using Eclipse Phase in Fate. Continuing with the transhuman theme, I wanted to make a character using this, as the game I'll be running will probably be Fate based (though Gumshoe is still in the running).

Character Idea

Name: Delia Kanzaki


Delia never knew her parents, and her only sibling was a fading memory. Left to fend for herself at a young age, she had to quickly learn how to navigate the streets. She saw early on what happened to girls on the street, so she took the androgynous name 'Del', hiding her gender. She learned about the criminal underground doing odd jobs among the other young boys in the 'Bottom', the literal representation of what her neighborhood was- the place where you had fallen as far as you were able to and still be on this side of the dirt. As she grew older, she realized that she would not be able to hide for much longer as her features softened, while the boys she worked alongside grew harder, and ingratiated herself to someone that she thought would protect her, trying to manipulate herself into a place where she would have options. Less than successful, she found herself close to being sold into slavery to one of the many houses, but was instead bought by one of the other oyabun that she worked for on occassion. What he saw in her, she never found out, but he invested a lot of effort and money into seeing her trained, and her sleeve upgraded. Before he could make use of her, she witnessed his death at the hands of interlopers. She tried to intervene, but was overmatched and defeated. Instead of the death that she expected, however, this was the start of her new life. Her oyabun traded in illicit stacks, and a firewall cell had infiltrated his organization in order to bring it down. One of the agents that she'd worked alongside had vouched for her, and she was brought into the cell.

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