Character a Day 2021: Waste World – Day 3

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The character turned out exactly the way that I'd envisioned him. However, this is one of those cases where you revisit an older game that you played when you were younger, and realize why it's on the shelf. It definitely has some serious 90s aesthetics in the crunch. However, I will say that you can't put all of these in the same box; the section on description, personality traits, and story hooks were additions that really help flesh out the character and put him into the world he inhabits.

Final Build

Name: Takeshita Yoshimi Occupation: Ronin Metrozone: Shogunate


Takeshita was a loyal servant, and he was loyal for loyalties sake. Not because he was a great warrior, though he was. Not because his family was pre-eminent in the Toro clan, though it was. Not because his own star was on the rise after a glorious death bringing down a plot by the Kobara clan, though it was apparent. Only on his second incarnation, his name was spoken in tones with the great samurai of old, and he was stationed far above his age. But then it all came tumbling down. Not because of anything he'd done. It turns out that even though he was too high profile a target, his father was not. He knows that his father's shame was manufactured, but it was within his Overlord's right to force his father to commit seppuku, plunging his own blade into his karma chip- bringing real and lasting death. Takeshita was supposed to do the same, and in going to the great void, it would have restored his family's honor. But the Overlord instead came for his family, not allowing him to do so. Takeshita fought back, but in the end was captured, along with his mother, sister, and brother. The Emperor himself stepped in, sparing Takeshita of a dishonorable death in favor of banishment and Ronin status. But he would not overturn the ruling, and so his family and all of his father's wealth was taken by the Overlord. On that day, Takeshita found out that his loyalty had its limits, and vowed to tear down all that he'd helped to build up.

Physical Description

Wiry, with a runner's build, Tak is graceful in motion. He's tall by Shogunate standards, standing at 180cm, and weighs 70 kg, with every inch of his upper torso and arms tattooed in a gorgeous painting of a tiger stalking through a fantastical background. He keeps his black hair messy- he used to keep it perfectly coiffed, but since his queue was cut at his banishment, he hasn't worried overmuch about it. With his glittering black eyes, he'd be handsome if his features weren't so haunted. He was allowed to keep his armor, so he is well kitted for a Ronin, though he's painted it muted colors as he's not allowed to fly Toro colors, though his mask still bears the image a proud tiger, betraying his origins.

Personality Traits

He borders on obsession with three tasks: finding out how and by who his father was betrayed, finding and freeing his family, and taking down the corrupt overlord that he knows had something to do with his fall. He's still unsure of the Emperor, and teeters between cursing and thanking him for the burden that lies on his shoulders. He seems serene, and holds a tight rein on his emotions, but when stirred out of that, the emotions that simmer beneath the surface become like a raging fire, burning any that come close. Because of this, he walks the line between suicidal and determined, depending on how heavy the burden lays on his shoulders. In those few times he finds peace, he is introspective and gracious, but soon enough, the memory returns to ruin any semblance of a normal life he might reach for.

Story Hooks

There is the obvious of the corrupt overlord, finding his family, and finding out how his father was betrayed. Less obvious is why the Emperor spared him and those few friends sympathetic to his fall. There is also the House of Tremontaine in Hydra- during his height, he was the cause of their fall when he foiled an incursion of their experimentation in the badlands. They've not been able to directly strike at him because of the simmering cold war between the City-States. However, he's not under the protection of the Shogunate anymore, so is at risk.


DX ST IN PW MR CC LF +3 +1 0 0 5 100 15


Ambidextrous, Karmachip (Disabled), Lightsleep, Charismatic


Ronin, Samurai Code of Honor: Total, Obsession: Hatred of Katsunosuki Hiraka, Hunted: House Tremontaine


Acrobatics +2, Blade +3, Climbing +2, Dodge +3, Driving (Skimmer, Wheeled) +1, Forceblade +4, Martial Arts +3, Quick Draw (Force Blade, Blade) +4, Handgun +3, Ride (Horse) +3, Stealth +1, Swimming +1, Awareness +2, City Lore (Shogunate) +1, Courtier +2, Intimindate +1, Leadership +1, Lore (Tactics) +2, Navigator +1, Survival +1

Special Abilities

Way of the Tiger –> Techniques: Tiger Strike +1, Tiger Spring +2, Tiger Claw +1, Claw Swipe +1 –> Bugei: Tiger Roar, Blazing Tiger Spring


Medium Ceramic Armor (AR:6) 2 Force Blades Blaster Pistol Heavy Horse with Dermal Armor (AR:1)