Character a Day 2023: Day 10: Mork Borg

This entry will be different – I'm using a character generator to make the character, then trying to fit it together afterwards.

Name: Aartem Kytsev Class: Gutterborn Scum HP: 4/4 Omens: 2 (d2)


As a child, Aartem grew up kicked and beaten around the kitchens of an inn in Schleswig- he didn't know this was because he was a byblow of a noblelady sold to the inn keep. He kept him in clothes and food, and used him for tasks, but never showed any manner of family inclination towards Aartem. Because of this he never saw an honest days' work as a real option, and as he became older abandoned his chores regularly to make more money than his even regular chumps around the inn made in a week of work with a fast blade and a dark alley.

He's both arrogant because he's never been caught, and worried that one day his luck will run out, though it hasn't so far. He's covered himself in (for some) blasphemous tattoos to show just how much he doesn't care what others think more than any belief. As for he himself, he believes in no one, other than the skull of one of his friends he killed when he thought he was betraying Artem. He cleaned it himself, and carries it with him, still calling it Siggy. He tells it everything- he can't trust anyone but the dead.

Gutterborn Scum: Stealthy, Escaping Fate


Strength +0 Agility +1 Presence +0 Toughness +1


Waterskin and 3 days' worth of food Knife d4 damage Handaxe d6 damage Leather armor -d2 damage, tier 1 Skull, a trusted friend Chewing tobacco 5 doses Noose 20 silver