Character a Day 2023: Day 8: Vast Grimm

Part 1: Envisioning the Character

I'll make Kiril Kazak – a right bastard that's good with a gun. In Vast Grimm, there's no use in getting attached to the character, so I'll flesh him out if I ever play him- but there's a reason behind the fact that he doesn't trust anyone and doesn't want anyone to get attached. He's just too closed off for it to be on the surface at the beginning.

Part 2: Building the Character

I already have in mind that his class is Treacherous Merc.

His class says I roll 3d6 + 2 for TOUGHNESS and 3d6 -1 for Agility – all others are 3d6 straight for 16 toughness (+2) and 11 Agility (+0), the others are 10 and 11- both +0. D10 on weapons is 10 for energy sword, and d4 on armor is 3 for police armor.

Rolling for his skills, I get arena brat and dirty player. His HP is toughness + d8 – is that the original roll, or the final stat? Knowing that it is deadly, it's probably the original roll, so that would be +2 +4 = 6. Yup... really soft target. 30 credits and 3 favors.

Then I roll his backgrounds – childhood gets that he's brutal and tricky which fits. One hand is frostbitten and black- maybe he was threatened with getting spaced? And idiosyncrasy... I get to play a crazy person! then I just roll his equipment and spend his cash- I get a rifle to go along with the sword.

Part 3: Final Character and Conclusions

Name: Kiril Kazak Class: Treacherous Merc

AGILITY: +0 PRESENCE: +0, +2 for Piloting STRENGTH: +0 TOUGHNESS: +2

HP: 6 Favors: 3

UNPREDICTABLE SOLDIER – Raised in the arenas on the Waste Barges of Khallar you eat, sleep and breathe violence. Lots of violence. You are a well known champion. A violent one. DIRTY PLAYER – You are just fine with below-the-belt kicks, sneak attacks and sucker punches. Gain +2 on attack rolls where you can attack your opponent’s less defended areas. Gain +3 if you can prove that it will be a truly underhanded attack to the GM. MISSPENT YOUTH: Brutal and Tricky BATTLE SCARS: One Hand Frostbitten and Black IRRITATING IDIOSYNCRASY: The inside of your skull has an incessant itch which you believe is a würm you call Siggy. You talk to Siggy. EQUIPMENT: Spacepack (holds 6 items), Laser torch. (4 charges/use). Cuts through 3’ of 5” thick metal/use DR12. Crate of freeze-dried rations (22 days worth). Energy Sword (d10, 4 charges/strike), Pulse Rifle (d8, 6 charges/use), Police Grade Carbon Fiber (-d4 damage, -2 AGILITY and DEFENSE tests) Credits: 8