Night's Black Agents – Solo Ops – Day 1

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Name: Rhys Morales


Growing up in Brixton wasn't easy for anyone, and that was doubly so for Rhys. He lived with only his mother, his father dead when he was a young boy. He barely remembered those days, other than the fact that the coast of Spain was a lot better than his life in London. Though his mother tried to shelter him, he knew that they were always skating the line between being on the streets and having a place of their head, and some nights, the eating was spare. Though his mother always made sure they had something in their bellies, she sometimes went hungry. Seeing how hard she worked, he knew it wasn't right for them to be that bad off, so he decided to do something about it.

Only a lad himself, he took to the streets to find his own hustle, settling on communication. Running for the gangs, but never in them, he sold pagers and mobiles to the dealers, and sometimes ran a package or two. It was a dangerous game he played- not wanting to join a gang, he wasn't covered by any of them. That time gave him a healthy dislike for gangs and people that preyed on the weak. When the cellular company caught wind of his source's scam and cut the lines earlier than they were supposed to, he realized he needed to get out, and decided to go for the armed forces. He couldn't get in because of his record, and didn't know what he was going to do. It turns out he didn't have to find out- the special services kept their eye out for promising candidates that had darker pasts, and he was tapped for them. Not having any other options, he accepted the offer.

Though he's been able to provide for his mom and brother, he still wonders if he was given the choice again if he'd accept...

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