Night's Black Agents – Solo Ops – Day 2

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Step 1: Pushes

Begin with 3 Pushes

Step 2: Investigative Abilities

Record standard Investigator investigative abilities

Bullshit Detector, Charm, Intimidation, Notice, Reassurance, Research, Streetwise, Urban Survival, Tradecraft

Step 3: Additional Investigative Abilities

Choose 6 additional investigative abilities

Cryptography, Electronic Surveillance, Forensic Pathology, Human Terrain, Military Science, Traffic Analysis

Step 4: General Abilities

Record all General Abilities at 2 dice.

Athletics, Conceal, Cool, Cover, Driving, Evasion, Fighting, Filch, Infiltration, Mechanics, Medic, Network, Preparedness, Sense Trouble, Shooting, Surveillance

Step 5: Mastery Edges

Choose 3 Mastery Edges

Unstoppable – I figure that Rhys pushes past any difficulties because of his background

Ice Cold – Same as the above

You Never Knew Me – because of his background he doesn't trust most people, and prepares for their betrayal.

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