RPGaDay2020 Prompt 03 – Thread

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Prompt: Thread

Since I moved several years ago, I have only been able to get one campaign going with people from work, and though that went for a while, and through four campaigns, it eventually petered out. I haven't been as driven to find a new campaign- I'm just not that good at even reaching out to try anymore. So my gaming currently consists mostly of play by email games. I find it a very good gaming and writing exercise, and since the play is asynchronous, you can play whenever you have time. Though I love playing with pretty much anyone in that fashion, I find that the best threads that I have in games are with writers that are better than me. It seems to push my boundaries and make me a better writer. It makes the game a bit more challenging and makes me put in more effort, but I've found it a rewarding exercise, that has paid off in making me confident enough to actually try to make a living from my writing. I've also made contacts in the industry that I otherwise would not have done.