RPGaDay2020 Prompt 11 – Stack

Starfire Game Cover

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Prompt: Stack

I find myself without inspiration- this prompt fails to arouse any sort of muse in me, even after a day of contemplation. The closest I come to a coherent thought is the stacks fo tokens in one of my first forays into RPGs. I loved the little games that came in the zip lock bags and plastic boxes. Car Wars, Ogre, and many others. But my first one was Starfire. It was what would be termed a 4X game today, filled with cardboard sheets of counters that you moved on a galactic map. My favorite parts of the 4X formula are the Explore and Expand phases. Yes, the Exploit and Exterminate are enjoyable, but building is more fun than destroying to me, and in those types of games, I go on long after I've won, expanding a building as much as I can. This game was no different, but I wanted something more than the game gave me, especially since I was playing alone. I started then, with the stacks of cardboard chits and the paper board expanding the game to the imaginary worlds and what happened when the dice were rolled. Who were those nameless troops dying on the planets, and what happened during the battles. I suppose that was my first foray into RPGs, and my first foray into hacking games.