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by dogo

Iron fence, trees, with trash scattered among the leaves on the ground

“Medicine and sickness heal each other. The whole world is medicine.” — Blue Cliff Record, Case 87

In this week’s Dharma talk, I mentioned a parable that’s been on my mind lately. I don’t know its origin — I’ve heard different versions, some attributing it to the Zen or Taoist traditions, but I haven’t been able to find its source, and I don’t think it matters. Here’s the version I discussed:


by dogo

Yakushi the Medicine BuddhaYakushi the Medicine Buddha by Enku, 17th Century

My friend Sister Petra is a Christian nun who also practices Zen Buddhism with our sangha. A few months ago she told me, “During the pandemic, I’ve been praying for everybody who’s sick, in body, mind, or spirit.”

I was moved by this, and it has continued to resonate with me. As I’m not a Christian, my view of prayer is probably different from Sister Petra’s (or maybe not), but I realised this prayer could easily be adapted into one that could be recited by anyone, of any faith or no faith.

So, most days now, using my mala, I chant, 108 times, May all who are sick, in body, mind or spirit, be well.

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