17th November Tuesday – day 13 lockdown #2

Day with no work. I made soup from the left over lamb from last week – sort of minestrone – added some 'mixed beans' from the cupboard and whatever veg were in the fridge. It was cooked last Wednesday so a bit old, it smelled a little 'funny' but maybe just a boiled lamb smell – anyway it tasted OK and I haven't been ill. Signed and emailed back the paperwork for the survey and paid my £720 for it (ouch). Next lots of quotes is for removals. That's not going to be cheap either but the money is earmarked. Doing 3 days work this week – but that's only going to make a very small dent in all these bills. I wandered over to Burgess Hill this morning – bought 3 photo frames for the pics of Mat and Harshi. I've sent one to G&G and kept 2 for me. I think its actually rather romantic and sweet that they have coupley photos of themselves up in their flat. She wouldn't let me help with the clearing up the other day – she waved me away to sit back on the sofa, and when I complimented her on her sri lankan tunic, she told me her sister makes these clothes for her and showed me about 6/7 sets of tunics with trousers and scarves which match together and numerous saris. I finished off her left over curry this evening. Started watching a Danish crime thriller – called DNA – on BBC i player. Watched 2 episodes so far, really good and engaging and I have to pay attention because of the sub titles. Hopefully tomorrow will see my Natalie and have a walk with Kathy later. Back to work Thursday and Friday.