Friday November 20th day 16 lockdown #2 I had one of my dreadful nights sleep last night – just could not get off – awake for hours. I got up multiple times for a wee and then a drink, and then another wee. Of course eventually I went off and weirdly felt ok this morning, but wacked now (8.30pm) I haven't taken any more of the Nytol as they made me feel weird. Plumber came this morning and did the annual service boiler. I left him to it as I was due at work. Pretty straightforward day; didn't get some blood this morning, my lady had no palpable veins, but this afternoon I was successful with someone else – lovely big juicy vein which gave up its blood. I had to drop the afternoon sample off at the hospital A&E (the cut off for collection at the GP surgery is about 2pm) – as it was urgent. A&E was busy – some hand over was going on at the nurses station, and an ambulance turned up as I was leaving. A little weird walking back in there – I saw someone I recognised even, staff not patient. I was lucky as I managed to park in the tiny permitted bay outside of A&E and didn't have to leave the car on double yellows risking a ticket. I've watched the last episode of DNA – no spoilers – the ending wasn't nice and neat but then life isn't nice and neat. Brilliant Danish crime / drama / thriller. Email from solicitor earlier – I got all excited but it was only sending me a copy of the letter from Mrs Rice's solicitor saying she'd got an onward purchase and searches were being requested. So no new news. I've started a new book – not Wolf Hall – one of my library books – another by Irene Nemirovsky – The Wine of Solitude.