Monday 16th November day 12 lockdown #2 I'm fed up with lock down #2. I'm fed up with mishandling. Watching Channel 4 'lockdown chaos' – probably shouldn't. Serco got £410 million – there's a surprise hey. Fed up with stupid government Downing street briefings. Stupid traffic is still really busy. I spent most of the weekend sat in the house on my own, with crappy weather outside. At least today, the surveyors office phoned and the survey is booked for a couple of weeks time – 26th November. The searches won't be back until the 1st December so that at least will tie up neatly. I've told work I'm moving – I don't have to resign as such, but it's only polite to tell my clinical lead so she knows and doesn't find out through the grape vine. Plus I've asked her to be my reference for when I apply for a new job. Work was pretty doddly today. That almost never happens. Easy visits and not too many. I got away 20 minutes early, plus I had a lunch break.