Saturday 21st November day 17 lockdown #2 I went to bed early last night and woke with a migraine in the night. I know I was tired, which is a trigger, but I'd gone to bed to catch up and then it came from no where. So I took my Rizatriptan and got my flannel and had some water and went back to sleep. I did feel better in the morning but then its kind of come and gone during the day since. Now its gone. I read my sister's blog about door knocking and chuckled. I have to knock on quite a few doors too – however I often knock and just walk in, calling out that its the nurse – not the burglar!. Either that or I'm using key safes and (sadly) I even remember key safe numbers and don't even have to look them up for our regulars. One time I knocked and then peered through a letter box, to get a shock of a naked man! He popped his dressing gown on before opening the door. And if people don't answer then its a case of peering through windows, going around the back to look for signs of life, hunting for well hidden key safe boxes, and sometimes even knocking up the neighbours