Sunday 22 November day 18 lockdown #2 Another night last night of insomnia. Got up and made warm milk to see if that helped – sat in bed looking out over factory unit towards the town and could watch 3 lights from the cranes blinking away. I have done pretty much stuff all today. Some on line Christmas shopping, spent an hour in the garden and then took myself off for a wander – did quite a detour following my nose, keeping off main roads as much as possible and went across the park. There was a group of probably a dozen youngsters – early teens I guess – in the park. Not a good idea to say anything, hiding to nothing. I said hello to my neighbour but apart from that (and a phone call to dad) I didn't speak to anyone all day. I agreed to take part in the street Christmas Advent trail – a weak moment – I need to decorate the window or the outside in Christmasy stuff, say the front hedge, and was thinking about some crochet stuff like father christmas, penguins and baubles. But I need to summon enthusiasm for the project. And at the beginning of the year I gave away my rooted Christmas tree in its pot – now what to do for this year – I don't want to buy something, and was thinking about making something from stuff I had, and found a Christmas 'ladder' and was thinking about using stuff out of the garden to make it and I do have a conifer in the garden (or the back hedge) and could cut bits off to decorate it, not sure. Oh I had a letter the other day from the NHS with my smear test results, negative, so that's good. Work tomorrow