Wednesday 18 November day 14 lockdown #2 2 weeks in – I woke up with a bit of a headache this morning but fortunately it cleared on its own. It was a sunny morning and I sat and read my book in bed for a while as the light was streaming into my bedroom. I've finished the book this afternoon – not sure it was particularly well written – it was by S J Watson who wrote 'Before I got to sleep' – another crime / thriller type book. I think the book was far longer than it could have been – totally padded out. It meandered about and because I'd put it down so many times I ended up not following it very well. I was thinking about having another go at reading Wolf Hall which I failed at reading a few years ago. Mum bought it for me and I read a few chapters and found it heavy going and gave up. Now this is supposed to be quality writing and I am sure it is – maybe I just need to give it another go. Or possibly just not beat myself up (!) over my failure with this book. I've watched 5 episodes of DNA on bbc i player (an extra one last night and 2 this evening) – now this is excellent and I'm on the edge of my seat.

Natalie and I went over to Burgess Hill today and it was my chance to hang out with her for a while. Then I wandered to Kathy's but by the time I got there it was raining – hard drizzly rain coming down at an angle, so no fun for going for a proper walk. We chatted in her porch for a few minutes and then just walked over to the town and around a few places to give us a chance to chat and catch up and I just came home; weather foul and stayed tucked up all afternoon and evening watching TV