Today I'm going to be going over what we'll be learning during our journeys to become junior front-end web developers!

Each bullet point below will be its own blog post and I'll be going in order, breaking down each item, consecutively, until we've covered it all! I'll then go back in more detail on some of the more complicated subjects and do some pair programming videos or at the very least, some code snippets to help cement some concepts for you.

Without further adieu, here's the road map:

The Basics * How the internet works * How web browsers work * Protocols: what is HTTP?

HTML * The history of HTML and where it is today * Using Chrome dev tools to inspect HTML * Common HTML elements * Less Common HTML elements * HTML architecture

CSS * The history of CSS and where it is today * What is CSS used for? * Inspecting and changing CSS with Chrome dev tools * CSS basics * Advanced CSS * What are CSS pre-processors? * Common CSS Frameworks and what they're used for

JavaScript * Adding JavaScript to HTML * Variables * Primitive Types * Working with Strings * Thinking Logically with Conditional Statements & Loops * Working with APIs and Data

Version Control * Git & Github

Advanced JavaScript * this will be expanded on and developed when I get to it, we could go on and on forever in this one :) * Frameworks & Libraries, what are they and why are they needed? * jQuery, the history of and where it stands today * React * Vue

Topics to check out after you've completed this course

Whelp, that's it for now. Hopefully that gives you a good overview of whats to come! I look forward to kicking things off with you tomorrow discussing how the internet works!

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Best, CFM