What this book is and what this book is not.

This book is not a code along, in depth tutorial series that will cover every nuance of every programming language you could ever think of – no.

This book is more of a safari guide, leading you through the jungle of self-taught education in the world of software.

It will save you hours upon hours of wasted study and out-of-order learning that will surely confuse you if left unsupervised.

It is the guide I wish I had 7 years ago.

It will help you organize your thoughts and help you see the trees amongst the forest and keep you on a steady track to make sure you stay on course to becoming a junior web developer.

Now of course, this book certainly will discuss concepts and code examples and will go fairly deep on a lot of different things, however there are plenty of free resources that exist that have already done that much better!

The power in this book is the organizing and prioritizing of those resources.

Like I mentioned in previous posts, I wasted six months because I didn't know what I was supposed to be learning and I kept jumping from topic to topic because I was so excited. While I made it out in the end, I wasted so much time.

This book will also provide cheat sheets and ideas for example projects that will help solidify concepts and will help bolster your portfolio.

Your time is important and valuable and I want to save you from yourself. I'm excited for the things you are about to accomplish and for what your life is about to become.

Let's do this!