From the head via the fingers

Being on a journey of discovery is the name of the game. Building a killer platform, experience, or whatever one might wish to call them is not the aim. The aim, as some may see it, is a little more mundane, but nevertheless important. The aim is integration, integration of multiple platforms (some people can and do build them) via the APIs (most) modern systems provide.
Below are the results of these journeys, primarily for House of Cloth, however future works may sprout from these.


A couple of days ago I unlocked my iPad (using touchID), pressed the home button and swiped down on the screen using two fingers (why two?), and my screen looked a little strange.


Sometimes the strangest things happen at the strangest times. Such was an event today, in an otherwise uneventful day. While sitting inside, I observed a fly, well, flying. And into my head popped this (the first three lines immediately, the fourth a little slower, the following to verses a short times after that, once I had “sung” the first verse a couple of times).


When I set up here, I planned to write regularly (not too regularly though), however, other things took over (namely the translation of a dictionary) and so writing got relegated to the bottom of the pile (behind other important tasks such as eating, sleeping, and exercise).


Come veccio per ti? Mi star più veccio di ti. Quanto più veccio? Diciassette anni. Veccio! Muchachu!


Believe this is the most concise description I have seen.

  1. An app is complete set of functionality like a game
  2. A program is a piece of or whole of an app
  3. Programs are written with software
  4. Software is written with scripts or any one or more of various programming languages (please see my answer here: Jack Menendez's answer to In layman's terms, what are the major programming languages, and what are they used for?)
  5. A process is an isolated instance of a program running in a computer.

From: What is the difference between a program, an app, a software, a script, and a process? on Quora, question by Luca Dorigo, answer by Jack Menendez.

An odd question to ask perhaps, however, after waking up with a sore back more often than now, that was the question I asked myself.


I wrote this a few years ago, originally tweeting it (with a since deactivated account). At that time I spent more time playing on the command line than using the GUI.


While browsing the App Store, I noticed something I find a little odd, and a little annoying.

If one browses the images (screenshots) of an App[lication], the “Done” button to close and return to the app[lication] info is at the top right of screen.


My World, as I see it through your eyes Is an everlasting complex, born from that which I disguise The troubles and the painful thoughts, are a battle never won

My World, as I see it through your eyes Is a mindless mass of terror that I can never hide The feelings of a worthless bum, who wishes he could die

My World, as I see it through your eyes Will never be the happiness, for I cannot subscribe The travels of the hopeless, nothing hurts me more than to cry

My World, as I see it through your eyes Is the world that I am living, not the World I have inside.

— Coel May, 3rd December, 1999