So Long For Regular Writing

When I set up here, I planned to write regularly (not too regularly though), however, other things took over (namely the translation of a dictionary) and so writing got relegated to the bottom of the pile (behind other important tasks such as eating, sleeping, and exercise).

If I had have had the mind at the time, I would have done something like a running log of my progress in dictionary translation, posted the daily workouts I do, or just written general thoughts down about world events. The problem with this last point is I have little knowledge of world events (I stopped watching television news many months ago, and have since begun turning the radio off or down when the news comes on) so that would be pointless.

I have done a little reading on Stoicism, and am currently reading Dwight Goddard's 1919 translation of the Tao Te Ching (available free on iBook Store). The biggest issue I have had with both of these is the reference to a god or higher power, when I hold no belief in such a thing. Am I truly able to embrace the ideals, the practices, contained in such text without such a belief?

And thus life continues.