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We live in a time where news media prizes clicks and views over real solid journalism. This degradation of news reporting has lead to a distrust of main stream media sources and a greater demand for “alternative” news. However, what has become of this is stronger hyper partisanship in America as these “alternative” news sources only puppet ideological talking points and vilify/debase anyone who does not agree with them.

This is never what journalism was supposed to be. Real journalism reports on the facts in a fair and unbiased manner. It does not confirm innate biases, but challenges them. Only once we question ourselves can we truly begin to understand the world.

The sources I have gathered here are ones I read from personally. They have been rated in accuracy and bias as center, left/center, and right/center. This does not mean these sources are perfect, but only that they provide some of the most accurate information out there without unnecessary spin.

I have also included various bias testers and fact checking sources. Use these only as a base line for further research and not as 100% irrefutable truth as bias can be present in even the most unbiased of sources.

No matter how highly a news source is rated, remember to always question and check the sources!

Center News:

Left/Center News:

Right/Center News:

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About Me

Who am I? My name is Aaron Pajak. I am someone who dreams too big for my own good. I have lived in Phoenix, Arizona, all of my life and for the majority of it I struggled to find a purpose. I knew from the age of 15 that I wanted to help people, but I didn’t exactly know how I would. I, like most teenagers, struggled to find the right calling. I had plans to join the Marine Corps once I turned 18, as I have always had a love of the military since age 10, but something about it just didn’t feel right to me. I thought about joining the National Guard very briefly after this, but even then, I felt disillusioned. ​ It wasn’t until about the age of 19 that I truly knew what I wanted to do. After borrowing a copy of the The Revolution by Ron Paul from my brother-in-law, I read it and a fire sparked within me. I realized that I wanted to help people through politics and, since then, I have been working towards the goal of becoming a senator for the state of Arizona. The fire that was sparked all those years ago has continued to grow exponentially in my heart. For the past 5 years of my life I have made friends that have helped me grow as a person and I am continually doing my best to increase my knowledge of politics. I’m happily married and now own 2 cats and a dog, who is named after my Wife’s favorite president, Theodore Roosevelt. ​ I started this blog because I have grown frustrated with the lack of honesty and civility present in American politics. I’ve seen so many people that I respect fall down the rabbit hole of believing in conspiracies or outright lies due to partisan politics, a trap that I myself have fallen into in the past. I grew up on Fox News and Conservative talk radio, however as I started to grow and consider other people's perspectives, I’ve thrown aside partisan politics and now try to remain wholly independent on issues. ​ It will be many years before I am ready for public office, but I can start here. I believe that I can provide a different perspective that is lacking in current political discourse, one whose primary focus is promoting understanding.