Community Guidelines

We are an open community for everyone to share their thoughts freely. Write.as provides a platform that keeps your identity safe, and stands up for free expression.

As a publishing platform, we are an amplifier for voices that write here, and take that role seriously. To ensure that everyone feels (and continues feeling) welcome to express themselves, we have a few guidelines on what is expected of everyone in our public community, Read Write.as.

In short, Read Write.as is for writing: share your thoughts, feelings, trials, tribulations, and anything on your mind. If you'd like to publish other things, feel free to do it on your individual Write.as blogs — but note that they may not be accepted here in our public community.

Don't use Read Write.as for this

How we handle violations

Except in the most extreme cases, we will limit the reach of violating content on Write.as, instead of outright deleting it, to be sure no innocent content is lost. This could mean taking technical measures to remove the content from search engines, the Read Write.as community, or from all readers who aren't the author.

If you feel we've wrongfully flagged you, we're happy to listen to your appeal and quickly get you back online if needed.


Running a welcoming, inclusive community is something we're new at and constantly learning from. If you have ideas on how we can improve, we'd love to hear from you.


We'll announce any major changes to this policy on our Twitter account.