A good result.

So, the mocks are finally over. Phew! A much needed relief, or not. Today I got my results back for history, which promised a much needed relief from the ongoing stress of school life.

In Britain Transformed (basically the political aspect of Britain from 1918 to 1997) I got 95% – which is pretty cool in itself. I lost a few marks here and there, but on the Thatcher question I lost two marks. Which, admittedly, was slightly annoying, but at least I still have a job and Thatcher didn't take that away from me!

In the American side of my course (socio-economic and political history of the United States of America from 1955 to 1992) I got 87%, which is a slight far cry from the previous exam. But, on the other hand, I personally find that particular exam the hardest of my three, so I probably shouldn't grumble too much.

The British Experience of Warfare exam (the best, obviously) went exceptionally well. I got 97% – pretty amazing for me! The questions in this exam were heavily focused on the Peninsular War, the First World War and naval changes over time – which was a nice stroll through history.

So, overall, the exams went pretty well. Just can't wait for the real ones in June to be over with, then it is a nice long summer of relaxing.

Over and out, and remember to keep checking for updates on my pretty nerdy and boring (for the moment) life,