Introducing my Web Monetization Tracking Bot

In the past few weeks there has been a lot going on around the adoption of Web Monetization, which got me more excited than ever about participating in this development towards a better internet experience for everyone.

Ever since setting it up on my blog in early 2019, I really felt like this is a different approach towards changing the status quo of how things are working. It seemed like something that could really disrupt the way content is monetized today, dominated by ad networks and data tracking. It made sense to me, even though I couldn't really experience it yet outside of the Coil platform back then.

But things are moving fast in this space and I can really see things coming together faster than I could have anticipated — Xpring, Imgur, Grant for the Web, Mojaloop, WordPress plugin, DEV Community hackathon, Hacker Noon adoption, other websites experimenting with it.

Momentum is building.

After recently discovering a way (you can learn more about it in the subscriber-only section of my previous article) to find out how many websites have adopted Web Monetization yet, I couldn't let go of the thought of making more out of this.

Following the infamous Liquidity Index Bot on Twitter, which is tracking the development of Ripple's On-Demand Liquidity transaction volume, kept posting those charts into my Twitter feed and I really liked this as a way of keeping track of things. Everyone loves charts!

So, I really wanted to make something similar to keep track of the adoption of Web Monetization across the web.

Let me introduce my Web Monetization Tracking Bot, which you can follow on Twitter to receive a daily snapshot of the ongoing adoption of Web Monetization on websites across the internet.

Just like this one.

I'm looking forward to see this number rise in the coming weeks and months. I have already noticed it accelerating steadily. People are becoming aware and curious!

This will be the whole functionality of the bot for now, but who knows what I might be able to add to it over time.

I'm sure there is room for improvement and that I can't track all actual websites using Web Monetization in this way, but it's a great indicator to follow.

You can read about how I have set it up and how it all works in detail in this article.

Until then, happy tracking and spread the word!