Thousands of years ago, a voice said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” This message might have changed the world into one worth being part of, were it not for the opposite “education”. The irony is that schools and academics claim they help you examine life, yet all they produce are tides of sheep for the economic slaughter…

How so? Well, are we happy? Not really, right? We may have some physical toys that keep our core worries at bay for a while, but those half-comforts are like drugs. Easy to gorge and forget oneself into, somewhat harder to excrete, what agony they leave behind! You consider them solutions?

Oh, you claim you know what friendship and love is? Look at your relations, look at your family! How can you all play those mutually enslaving roles, tired smiles masking unfulfilled hopes, routine acts of mummified politeness that are nothing but heavy graves built of incompatibilities and denials of truth?

How exactly are we better than our ancestors? The majority of the world lives either as homeless, close to it, or maybe worse—paying a very unreasonable price of dignity for their bogus survival. You really call that a life?

Let’s take a super simple journey through history and observe the patterns of human society along the ages.

Antiquity? Big gulf between rich and poor. Explanation: The rich are chosen by the gods, or did good deeds in their past lives etc. The poor have sinned, and are punished by karma etc.

Middle Ages? Big gulf between rich and poor. Explanation: Same as antiquity.

Age of discovery, science and industrialism? Big gulf between rich and poor. Explanation: The rich are the clever ones, they know how to invest well. The poor deserve their fates, since they are either of a different race, are “heathen”, or, better said, don’t have the matching level of weaponry…

Our age? Big gulf between rich and poor. Explanation: The rich are the clever ones, they know how to invest well. They work so hard now, not like their kings and dukes granddads! The poor do not work so hard, do not know how to invest, do not grasp the “opportunities” offered, cannot work five jobs at once...

Future? Big gulf between rich and poor. Explanation: The rich have better microchips inside their brains. Or maybe they only claim to have any, and let the poor carry that irremovable leash…

Reader, we as an entire world are dead. This is not a real life. Our capacity for critically examining the limited set of our heartbeats is buried deeply under fishy-sticky promises of salvation, mountains of useless college degrees, toxic relationships…

I am essentially a homeless, but the kindness of another person gave me more than just a bread and bed: time to reflect and put the puzzle pieces together. I might never have a home of my own, but at least I wrote a book that aims to create a home for everyone right here. Are you in? The real resurrection.



I am the author of the book BASIC NEEDS ETHICS (available on Amazon, link below).

The book is a philosophical semi-autobiographical novel, dealing with themes like: ethics, socialism, religion, atheism, coming of age, lesbianism, family relations and more...

There is a demo available, under my account on, for everyone. It can be freely accessed and distributed:

Link of the full book (available inside the demo as well):

Thank you and best wishes!