What is the ultimate way to improve your FPS shooting aim? How do you think you should train for the perfect headshots?

1) Investing in the best hardware? 2) Mental & physical training?

Funny enough, investing time in training the mind by practising and visualization does help considerably. However, one thing that did catch me by surprise was acquiring a small piece of hardware that costs little... the mouse.

First Person Shooting games require concentration (for long periods), accuracy and speed and the performance of the two latter can depend greatly on what mouse you select.

A relatively new contender to hit the market is the Cougar Minos X5 and this review http://www.clutchkills.com/cougar-minos-x5-review/ breaks downs the pros, cons and neutral aspects of the mouse's performance.

The first thing you will notice is the Minos X5's size which forces you to have a claw-grip on it, rather than a palm one. This feels very unnatural, but you quickly realize that this helps with controlled & accurate movement, particularly at fast speed... something you cannot do well with a palm grip. However, it is not long before you start feeling the strain on your hands and wrist.

The 2000hz poll rate sounds great on paper, but is it overkill? There certainly did not appear to be any latency and it provided a sense responsiveness, however, it was hard to tell if it was the super fast sensor or the new shape (or both)?

Next on the agenda was the buttons and wheel. As a preference, it is better to have a quiet clicking button with a certain recoil. I just find you can judge a mouse quality by the “type” of clicking sound the buttons make (you know the type of cheap sounding clicks I am referring to?) The same applies to the feel of the mouse's wheel and it's rotational clicks along with the distance at which the clicks occur. In this case, the Cougar Monis X5 did not perform badly but having said they were nothing special either.

Lastly, let us look at the software the Cougar provided for its Minos X5. This is the first time I came across a software that allows you to use all the available options without having to opt-in, register and set up a cloud account in order to use a piece of kit you have already paid for. When this might not be an issue for some, it certainly makes a difference to me. On top of all this, changing settings such as DPI adjustments, acceleration rate, lift of distance, polling rate is all possible on an amazingly intuitive macro editor.

More more information I would recommend reading the Cougar’s latest mouse review mentioned above.