Online Credit Card Generators and Their Uses

Credit cards are payment cards issued by Banks and Microfinance institutions to their clients to make payments to merchants in return for goods and services.

Credit cards are generated online with the help of tools like credit card generator which are available for free over the web.

Credit Card Generator

To generate a credit card, simply find a credit card generator tool on the web and get the CCs or numbers you need. Some credit card generators would leave it to the user, to select the option of generating cards of various credit card companies.

On the other hand, some online tools like Prepostseo Credit Card Generator provide the user with as much as 9 credit cards of different credit companies in one go.

Online credit card generators produce credit numbers with the help of Luhn Algorithm. The credit card number generated is valid and has a lot of uses.

The credit card number’s first six digits are the Issuer identification Numbers allocated to the financial institution that issues credit cards to its clients. These six digits are same for every credit card issued by the company. The rest of the digits (ranging from 6 to 9) except the last one are allocated to individual account holders and thus, vary from each other.

The last digit is called the Luhn Check digit which is key for the validation of a credit card number. Credit card Generators work by using a mathematical formula that is compiled with Luhn algorithm’s standard format.

The Luhn Algorithm formula analyses the digits of credit cards against Luhn algorithm to verify the numbers. When the module of the addition of credit card number equals to 0 then the credit card number passes the Luhn algorithm test. Therefore, making the generated number valid.

When the module of the addition of the credit card numbers does not equal to 0 that is (1-9), then the generated credit card number is invalid since it does not passes the Luhn algorithm test.

Uses of Online Credit Card Generator

Online credit cards are used for various purposes except for malicious applications like online transactions with fake credit card information which is nearly impossible in prepaid online transactions.

Therefore, a generated credit card is not inherently bad and has very practical uses.

Online Generated credit cards have extensive utility in data testing. These spontaneously created cards are extensively used by the Business world like E-commerce industry, especially if it’s a new firm that needs to make sure that their online platform processes credit card numbers correctly.

Some online shopping stores request their customers to provide their credit card number to get a free trial sometimes in return for free vouchers. If you are not interested in purchasing the product, you can use credit card number generator to produce the sample credit card you need for the free trial.

Credit card companies also use credit card generators to generate card numbers for credit cards.

These cards also find use in educational purposes; Luhn Algorithm research.

Legal Status

Due to various legal uses, online credit card generators and using fake credit card numbers are not prohibited unless the generated information is used for malicious purposes like fraud and scams etc.

In case of scams, it depends on the seriousness of the committed act that determines penalties in most countries. Generally, the bigger the scam, the harder the penalty with fines and jail time.

How credit card generators are used for malicious reasons?

Things are not good or bad in themselves. A common example is firearms. They aren’t inherently good or evil but can be used for both purposes. Similarly, Credit card Generators can also be used for malicious reasons.

The objective of discussing these malicious uses is not to encourage such behaviour. Instead, it is meant to create awareness in readers so as to enable them to protect against such scams.

Scammers use real numbers generated by credit card generators and use these numbers to create fake credit cards.

Scammers also generate numerous credit cards with which they shop online more often, number by number, until one of them passes through due to the virtue of belonging to an actual person who has credit in their account.

The criminals use minute transactions of a few cents to test the number of credit card generators. They put up fake addresses using tools like fake address generator for delivery of goods to avoid getting tracked. Also, when a scammer ends up with a legitimate number, they keep exploiting it for online shopping until the owner finds out about the fraud.

How consumers and merchants can protect against credit card fraud?

Consumers can protect against credit card fraud by regularly checking their credit card declarations for any suspicious transactions. They can also use tools like credit card validator to prevent scams.

Merchants on the other hand can ask for additional

verification information in online credit card transactions to prevent potential scams at the hands of criminals using credit card generator.

The numbers for a card generator are a matter of chance and probability; with every extra number you ask, the chance of getting the precise match falls dramatically.

Whether you are processing transactions by yourself or have a shopping cart software doing all the processing for you. Make sure to that the following information is provided by the customer.

The shipping and the Billing address. The security code of the credit card. The expiration date of the credit card.

Concluding thoughts

As has been discussed above, Credit card Generators are like firearms that can be used for both good and bad purposes. Good use of this tool are legal while illegal uses carry repercussions like jail time and fines. While the legal uses of credit card generators include website testing for correct processing of credit card numbers, free trials and Luhn Algorithm research, the illegal uses include online shopping with generated credit cards that pass through.

However, there are means to prevent illegal uses of these dummy credit cards both for consumers and merchants. The former should regularly check their credit card statements for any suspicious transactions while the later should ask for additional credit card information in order to reduce the chances of scams.