Hakuichi (箔一)

The castle of Kanazawa watches over the gold-leaf craft called hakuichi. In this blog edition, I have put together a collection of a dozen examples I hope you enjoy.

Ultra-thin sheets of 24k gold are applied to ceramic, wood, glass and other materials to create a glitter that pleases the eye.

A three-layer food box called a jubako with traditional Japanese sweets. The gold design is fresh and modern.

Two glasses with a lovely organic shape.


Yes, edible.

Love the touch of gold in the base of these wine glasses.

A special edition perfume bottle for the 100th anniversary of Guerlain Paris.

A detail of a calligraphy inspired wall art.


Traditional folding fan with a splash of gold.

Fountain pen with pink and gold cherry blossoms.

Gold Armor

Kanazawa was constructed during the Edo period and was called the Kaga Domain, governed by the Maeda family. Maeda Toshiie (前田 利家, January 15, 1538 – April 27, 1599) was one of the leading generals of Oda Nobunaga following the Sengoku period of the 16th century and he loved gold. Known for his flashy style, his gold leaf armor is on display at the hakuichi museum.