Head in the Clouds

By Christine

head in the clouds i thought we had something had was the word

why did you ghost me? did that 2 weeks of texting mean nothing? we shared a part of our lives nothing private but it was more than just being strangers i thought hm maybe we could be acquaintances or something more

its been a month since we last spoke i thought im over it

but, you blocked me something i've never experienced left me dazed and confused did i do something wrong? should i have never added you into 'close friends' list? was that a mistake? probably

funny thing is who wanted to text off tinder & get my IG? you. who stopped replying? you. who blocked me off IG? you.

made me realise that boys would do anything to just fuck around and when they're done, they're done chivalry is really dead

but hey thank you and i would come back stronger and be better, while you? idk, au revior M. if its meant to be, it will be. 有缘再见。

A response to the National Poetry Month prompt