By maique

How have you been feeling?

I've been feeling sleepy. Sometimes numb, others ecstatic. But sleepy.
Locked at home for three months now, with a two-month baby.
Feelings are hard to describe. Happy, sure, very very happy. Hopeful too.

What have you been working on?

Nothing. Nothing new, at least. Being a photographer it's hard to get work done stuck at home. Editing old photos. Getting some new ones of the baby. Love shooting the baby. But nothing else.

What have you been thinking about?

The future. Work-wise. Family-wise. World-wise. What will become of this crazier-by-the-day world. What will become of my daughter in this world. What will be her role. How will we raise her to be someone who makes a difference in this world.

I guess I've been thinking about the same issues every dad thinks about, but it's our first child, so everything is new to me. Clich├ęs, for sure, but I'm living them now.

A response to the Now prompt