Afraid by kayla

A Response to the Afraid prompt

if i wasn't afraid

i would do everything i always wanted to do. but first thing i would do is to face my problems and responsibilities. theyre the most terrifying things of all although i met them daily. once i get control of what im handling, i would say everything i wanted to say to my loved ones. they deserve to hear what's been on my mind for so long.

and then i would tell my crush that i love his smiles and small details about him that im convinced, he gets that a lot but who cares i just want to let him know that i truly adore him. funny that we never even met.

after that i would join every competition in my interests that i get to join. i want to experience every little thing i get to experience in this wild world.

i would try new things. new -really weird things. i would buy a one way plane ticket to japan. sounds dumb i know but if you dont have any fear, you get into dumb troubles and who cares beacuse i personally love to die in the middle of the things i want to do.

without fear, i would rather truly living or die than to live everyday the same.

without fear, i can be the person i always wanted to be. the person i imagine that i can turn to someday.

without fear, that's how im gonna live someday.