Memories of the early years in my life

Memory by Ordinarily Existing

A response to the Earliest Memory prompt

I don't recall every memories of my childhood. They were fragments within my early lives that are stuck with me. They are the one I can recall whenever someone asked “Tell me about your childhood.”

I was the only daughter of my parents. My parents are protective (like every other parents) but I was never spoiled. Well, you could say if I am in a fight with my brother, I'll definitely win but my upbringing was much like my brothers'. I was born a year apart from my second brother, so we were like twins. My mother used to bring us everywhere together. My brother is timid, shy and reserved. Me on the other side, grew up to be bold, loud and rebellious. Always gotta have my own way.

One of the memory my mother told me about my myself was when the first day of kindergarten, I never look back after saying goodbye to my parents. My brother however, will cling on to them for a while. My mother was quite surprised since I am the only daughter, so she expected me to become so attached to her.

During dentist and hospital visits, I'll always volunteer to go first. Needles and me never really an issue even when I was a mere child. I hissed and cried a little bit when it hurts, but never scared of them.

I used to share bedrooms with my brothers, so we would sleep on the floor together. Each of us will have a giant plushy my father bought us. Mine was a giant rabbit with white and black in stripes, my brother's were a big yellow birds called Tweedy. Whenever we were scared of something, my dad will come and squeezed himself in and sang us lullabies and melodies to help us sleep.

The fondest memory of my early years however, was dancing. The joy I got from hitting every beat, moving myself to the choreography, pretty make ups and costumes. My parents enjoyed me going to dance competitions. Though, I no longer dance but they were the one memory I'll cherish.

Then, my mom would tell me that I love to daydream as a teacher when I was a kid. She said, every time I am back from school, I would go straight to my dad's bookshelf, took any book that I might not understand and pretend to teach them in front of my non-existing class. I stole some chalks from my school and used my tinted sliding doors as my blackboard. My parents were amused. They said, “We thought you will become a teacher some day.” Life is interesting, because right now my career path was far from teaching.

I was blessed with wonderful memories during my early days. As I grew older, I realised that a lot people don't have the privilege of normal childhood memories. And for this I am forever thankful.

Love, Ordinarily Existing