My Fears

By brassmonkey

Writing for me makes me confront my fears , it makes me realize how big or small they are . It sometimes even throws me into a fit of anxiety , anger and sadness. But since the first step to solving your problems or even confronting them is to acknowledge them , it acts as a medium to help me out of denial.

Sometimes I can write without holding back , the right words , the satire , the rhyme scheme , its like a forest fire , once it starts it doesn't stop until it burns the entire forest down. But the deeper the problem hits home, the harder it is for me to find the words to describe it. I would say for me writing is generally a forced task . Because I am oftentimes more troubled when I pen down my problems be it about society , the world or myself. Its like breaking up with someone you love. Its hard to bring yourself to do it. But not writing about it is like staying in a toxic relationship . It unknowingly takes away too much from you.

A response to the Writing prompt