Not a Mage, not a Berserker, not an Assassin

By Beginning of the End

When I play games, I prefer characters with long-range, burst, and a high AoE. It feels satisfying to kill a hoard of goblins using a single skill without receiving damage. They're master of power and control.

In roleplaying games, we specialize in classes, and focus on what we can do, more than what we cannot do. There are some, though, who tries to cover up their weakness by adjusting various stats or skills.

How about in real life? Do all humans belong to a specific class?

By choosing a specific path, one can reach its fullness, focusing on the things s/he can do, seeking help from others for the things s/he is incapable of. Those people with “class” lives out the best of their lives.

I envy those people, who have a certain, innate skill. All they have to do is to invest their skills and talents properly, focus on that path and aim for success.

Those people who has no talent in anything, and hence, no specific path are the classless people. They are not a real-life mage nor a berserker nor an assassin.

They can freely choose whatever they can be, but whatever they do, they can't be on the spotlight.

But it can't be helped. The world's fairness is just as it is. I accepted the fact, at least on the outside, that a nobody who has nothing can never be someone unless he has a certain path to go through.

A jack of all trades but a master of none, trying everything until something clicks, wasting time on the most unnecessary things, clinging to the hope to become someone, someday.

I am indeed an idiot.

A response to the Now prompt

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